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Windows on the World for the week commencing 14 November 2011

Monday 14 November: The State Of Israel (BBC)

As the Arab Spring rolled across the Middle East, protestors were also out on the streets in Israel. But they weren't demonstrating about human rights or democracy - they were shouting slogans about poverty and the price of cottage cheese. And all this at a time when Israel has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world - what's going on?

Former BBC Middle East correspondent Tim Franks returns to Israel to examine the dramatic social changes within the country.  Will the new Israeli power structure make the chance of peace in the region more or less likely - or will the country become increasingly concerned with its own internal struggles? (BBC)

Tuesday 15 November: Pervez Musharraf - Former President of Pakistan (BBC)

Over the past decade Pakistan has acquired an unwanted label; the world's most dangerous country. For much of that period Pakistan was led by former President and military chief Pervez Musharraf. Now, with his country racked by extremist violence, endemic corruption and deeply troubled relations with Afghanistan, India and the United States, the former President is seeking a comeback.

Currently he's an exile, he faces trial if he returns home. The BBC's Stephen Sackur asks Pervez Musharraf  why he thinks he is the solution to Pakistan's problems? (BBC)