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Windows on the WOrld for the week commencing 17 October 2011

Monday 17 October: Down and Out in Paris and London

With a fierce debate raging across Europe over public finances, this documentary has gone back to basics to compare conditions for the poor today with life before the introduction of the welfare state. We retrace George Orwell's account of poverty in Paris and London, 80 years on.

Tuesday 18 October: Mondragon

Peter Day visits the world's largest worker cooperative Mondragon in Northern Spain. With an eye towards globalisation and innovation, Mondragon is a collection of 256 separate companies in 18 different countries.

Wednesday 19 October: Controlling People - The History of Population Control (Part 3 of 3)

Historian Matthew Connelly looks at the consequences of India's methods to control its population in the final of his series.

Thursday 20 October:  Defining Hezbollah

In Lebanon many people fear that another war between Hezbollah and Israel is just over the horizon. But what exactly is Hezbollah and why do people support it?  Owen Bennett Jones reports from southern Lebanon on the nature and structure of the Shia movement that is so difficult to define.