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Windows on the World for the week commencing 10 October 2011

Monday 10 October: Listening Post (Part 2 of 2)

Eighty-four year old Sybil Phoenix is a legendary figure in her adopted home of south-east London and in British Guiana, which she left in 1956.  Fifty years ago she started fostering and has cared for countless children for which she was awarded an MBE in 1973 - the first black female recipient. In the second edition of this series of The Listening Post, we hear the story of her lifetime involvement in community relations.

Tuesday 11 October: Silicon Roundabout

Hundreds of small companies have set up shop around a shabby area of East London defined mostly by an enormous traffic interchange. 'Silicon Roundabout' bears little physical resemblance to its California namesake, but it is becoming one of Europe's biggest technology clusters. Some observers say the area could have a global impact, and the government has latched on to the idea, creating competitive grants for startups and rebranding the larger area 'TechCity UK'.  Peter Day weighs up the evidence.

Wednesday 12 October: Controlling People - The History of Population Control (Part 2 of 3)

In the second part of Controlling People, Historian Matthew Connelly from Columbia University examines India's mass sterilisation campaign to control its population.

Thursday 13 October: Fading Voices

This BBC programme explores what it means to be elderly in the UK. Nina Robinson travels to Wales to report on the ageing population of a small coastal town.