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Windows on the World for the week commencing 19 September 2011

Monday 19 September: Iconic Geometry  - The Great Pyramid (Part 3 of 3)

In the final of the series Iconic Geometry Cecil Balmond examines the hidden geometry at the core of the Great Pyramid

Tuesday 20 September: Bad Company

Business leaders make a lot of fuss about corporate governance, but the scandals keep on coming. In this programme, Peter Day hears from some leading authorities and, with their help, makes a close inspection of two huge corporations that have been making headlines recently. Global Business asks: what does business mean when it talks about corporate governance, and, what's wrong with the way companies are run?

Wednesday 21 September: The Future of Amnesty International (Part 1 of 2)

Matthew Bannister tells the story of Amnesty International at 50, and discusses its future on the world stage. He examines the position it currently holds in the field of global human rights, and assesses the international influence its many campaigns, and both Nobel and UN prizes, have brought it. In part one, Matthew asks how Amnesty has succeeded since its creation fifty years ago, and examines how the organisation was born and what it originally set out to achieve.

Thursday 22 September: Zimbabwe’s Child Migrants

Mukul Devichand goes on the road with young children travelling alone on a journey of desperation, danger and hope - south from Zimbabwe and across the border to South Africa.