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Windows on the World for the week commencing 5 September 2011

Monday 5 September: Iconic Geometry (Part 1 of - 3 Stonehenge)

In a three part series "Iconic Geometry" leading structural engineer and designer Cecil Balmond goes beyond the well-known histories of three celebrated monuments: Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramid, to reveal the hidden geometry at their cores. At each iconic structure he examines a fundamental form. This week the journey begins in England for the circle and prehistoric Stonehenge.

Tuesday 6 September: Poland

In the past year several member countries of the European Union have been facing economic meltdown; Spain, Greece, Ireland. One country that is managing to buck the trend is Poland. Peter Day reports on the businesses that are fuelling the country's economic growth.

Wednesday 7 September: The Secret War on Terror (Part 1 of 2)

Peter Taylor reveals the inside story of the intelligence war which has been fought against al-Qaeda over the last decade.

Thursday 8 September: The Mystery of Dirar Abu Sisi

On the 18 of February 2011, a Palestinian engineer by the name of Dirar Abu Sisi boarded a train in eastern Ukraine. He was travelling to Kiev, where he hoped to apply for Ukrainian citizenship. But when the train arrived at its destination the following morning, Mr Abu Sisi was no longer on board - he had vanished. For more than a week, nothing was heard from Mr Abu Sisi, a manager at Gaza's main power plant - then his wife got a phone call, her husband was in an Israeli jail. Now he is awaiting trial, accused of being the brains behind Hamas' rocket programme. In this edition of Assignment, Gabriel Gatehouse unravels the mystery of Dirar Abu Sisi, tracking his journey across Ukraine and beyond, to Israel and Gaza.