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Monday 1 August - Banking on a Crisis

Bill Rhodes has worked with senior business leaders, statesmen, and strongmen and brokered immense financial deals while looking across the table at finance ministers. From these and other experiences, Rhodes has learned a lifetime of lessons about managing amid crises and more important, how to lead prudently, decisively, and effectively to prevent crises from ever happening in the first place. Peter Day hears his thoughts on Europe's current predicament

Tuesday 2 August - Afghanistan: War without End?

To mark ten years since the invasion of Afghanistan key decision-makers reveal the inside story of how the West was drawn ever deeper into the Afghan war. John Ware charts the history of a decade of fighting and looks at when the conflict may end.

Wednesday 3 August - Nuclear Power

Which is more frightening, a world with or without nuclear power? Stephen Sackur is joined two guests. John Ritch, Director General, World Nuclear Association and Sven Giegold a leading German Green member of the European parliament to discuss the impact on the world's nuclear industry in the months since the Fukushima nuclear plant was devastated by the Japanese earthquake.

Thursday 4 August - The Afghan Governors

As international forces begin to hand back power in Afghanistan, exactly who are the Afghans in charge? Lyse Doucet, with more than 20 years experience there and an incredible contact book, travelled to three different cities to meet three very different men trying to build the new Afghanistan. She found hope, frustration and in one case, tragedy: The programme contains one of the last broadcast interviews of Ahmad Wali Karzai, who was assassinated by his bodyguard last month.