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Monday 20 May - The Crossing
It is over two years since the authorities in France closed down the Jungle, the large migrant camp in Calais on the French coast. At its height more than 9,000 people from around the world lived in the camp while attempting to make it across to the UK, often hiding in the back of lorries or packed into small boats. It was hoped the camp's closure would stem the number of people risking their lives to try to get to Britain. At least 100 migrants have tried to cross the English Channel to the UK in dinghies this year - Paul kenyon investigates who is helping them.(BBC)

Tuesday 21 May - Slavery's untold story
In Oklahoma, Tayo Popoola discovers the story of the slaves owned by the Cherokee Indian tribe. Since the emancipation of the slaves in the 19th Century, there has been an often uneasy relationship between the so called “Freedmen” and their former masters, both racial minorities with long histories of persecution in the US. This documentary uncovers their extraordinary twinned history, and investigates its legacy for the two communities today. (BBC)

Wed 22 May - 13 Minutes to the Moon #1 of 9
It's approaching the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing.  Kevin Fong presents 13 Minutes to the Moon - a nine part  series (BBC).

Thursday 23 May - Food on the streets: London and Los Angeles
How do you eat when you have no home? Nowhere to store food, nowhere to cook, no table to eat at? In this programme we are with homeless people in two of the world’s most prosperous cities - London and Los Angeles - to talk about how they feed themselves. This is a tale of two cities - a surprising story perhaps of the abundance of food in the most deprived parts of society and what it tells us about our global food supply chain. (BBC)