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Monday 15 July - Berries Galore!
How do we have fresh berries 52 weeks a year? And at what price? (BBC)

Tuesday 16 July - The Superlingists  Ep.2
Imagine speaking 10, 20, even 50 languages. Simon Calder meets polyglots who love languages so much that they keep learning new ones(BBC)

Wednesday 17 July - 13 Minutes to the Moon #9 of 9
The story of the first moon landing, told by the people who made it happen. The final part of Apollo 11’s descent to the moon.  (BBC)

Thursday 18 July - The Pig Plague
Could  African Swine Fever could mean the end of small-scale pig farming in Asia, and it may  have the potential to permanently change food cultures and cuisines in a region so dominated by pork. Gareth Barlow from The Food Chain speaks to three people on the front line of the fight against the African Swine Fever (BBC)