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Wayne’s Music 28/29 December 2013.  Fabulous but forgotten easy pop from the 50s.

‘My Little Angel’             the Four Lads in 1956 with lush orchestral arrangement, angelic singers, a bright, sentimental melody polished and crisp with classic 50s harmony.

‘The Longest Walk’                  Jaye P Morgan was Victor’s hottest canary in the 50s …

‘Say man’                       Bo Diddley with one of his late fifties outings that ushered in a whole new music genre.

‘Learning To Love’                  Peggy King  came on like a ton of bricks with this driving beat – a nifty jazz/rock arrangement in 1955.

‘Morgen’                        Ivo Robich and The Song Masters … the Croatian singer/songwriter became known as Mr Morgan” (tomorrow) after this collaboration with Bert Kaempfert

‘Wild Horses’                 Perry Como complete with plucked and bowed violins and a “by-up By-Up” chorus … another one of those 50s pop songs you’ve never heard of. 

‘Here Comes Summer’             Jerry Keller with the epitome of a youngsters idea of summer holidays in the fifties – a summer in America that is with double features at drive in movies. 

‘There Goes My Heart’             Joni James, the drama and ballet student who decided to pursue a singing career.  .

‘Waterloo’                      Stonewall Jackson – out of the shadows into a #1 spot for 5 weeks on the US country chart

‘Lovin Spree’                 Eartha Kitt … I can’t remember Miss Eartha wrapping her vibrato-laden voice around a country arrangement  … with steel guitars and all that. 

‘Tell Him No’                 Travis and Bob, with the only hit that Sandy records ever had –

‘Suddenly There’s A Valley’              Gogi Grant -  with the song they played between movies at the Saturday matinee –

‘Tan Shoes And Pink Shoelaces’                 Dodie Stevens turned 13 the day after this song crashed into the charts in 1959 …

‘In The Summertime (You Don’t Want My Love)’           Andy Williams with the song written by Roger Miller (who also recorded it), but as he said – his record sales of the song started off slow and tapered off from there … 

‘Gotta Travel On’                     Billy Grammer with his million seller

‘Now That I’m In Love’           Patti Page with her swinging version of Rossini’s William Tell Overture – another fabulous but forgotten single from 1953.

‘The Little Drummer Boy’                  Harry Simeone Chorale …This song was originally published as 'Carol of the Drum,' a traditional Czech carol, by Katharine K. Davis. 

‘I’ll Take Romance’                 Eydie Gorme – the voice of Sophisticated Pop – who died in August this year …

‘To Know Him is To Love Him’                  Teddy Bears with the song that launched Phil Spector’s career –

‘manhattan Spiritual’                 Reg Owen     Maxted Hard To Find Jujkebox Classics ERIC

Wayne’s Music Sunday 29 December 2013.  PART ONE

‘Anywhere I Wander’               these days he paints under the name of Benedetto … in 1951 as a 25 year old he started making hit records like this one which was introduced by Danny Kaye in the film Hans Christian Anderson .                                        
‘Susie Darlin’                  Robin Luke wrote this song in his bedroom, recording onto a primitive Ampex portable tape recorder and one microphone …

‘Love me In The Daytime’                  Doris Day with a typical, fresh inviting shuffle rhythm so often associated with her style.  The glee in her delivery was a trademark in many of her playful songs. 

‘Rockin Robin’               Bobby day – with his only Top-40 hit. 

‘Gonna get Along Without You Now’          Patience And Prudence McIntyre – the daughters of Mark McIntyre who played piano for Frank Sinatra in the 40s. 

‘Tea For Two Cha Cha’           Tommy Dorsey 

‘Baubles, Bangles And Beads’            The Kirby Stone Four with their version of the song from Kismet (based on Borodin’s melody) – they melded swing jazz with vocalese and early rock and roll arranged by Jimmy Carroll using a very versatile female chorus. 

‘Morning Side Of The Mountain’        Tommy Edwards with the original pop recording of this old song which he made in 1951 …

‘If You Don’t Want My Love’            Jaye P Morgan with a classic performance highlighting her distinctive, husky, yet crystal clear voice … a memory song if ever you heard one

‘Born Too Late’             The Poni-Tails with a song that has to be such a part of your past

‘Tell us Where The Good Times Are       Guy Mitchell with Mindy Carson – when they were young and in their prime  … oh the fresh sound of the 50s.

‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands’  Laurie London, a schoolboy at Davenant Foundation Grammar School in Whitechapel when he recorded this pop spiritual at the age of 13

‘Raunchy’             Ernie Freeman with his hit instrumental Raunchy – which meant GOOD in 50s teenage slang.  In 1957 there was three versions on the chart simultaneously – Bill Justis, Billy Vaughn and Ernie Freeman.


‘Marianne’            terry Gilkyson and The Easy Riders with just the one top 40 hit song in the Calypso craze of 1956/57.  

‘Alone’                 Shepherd Sisters , there was MaryLou, Gayle, Martha and Judith – four blonde-haired beauties from Middletown, Ohio who hit the top 20 with this  in 1957. 

‘Silhouettes’                   The Rays – indie writer-producers Frank Slay and Bob Crewe broke through with this hit song with their group The Rays in 1957. 

‘I’m Available’                Margie Rayburn, 

‘Moonlight Swim’           Tony perkins  in his teen idol days when his film career was on the climb it complimented his activities on the pop scene.

‘Mr lee’                 The Bobbettes – the oldest in the group was 14, two were thirteen and two were just 12 years of age when Mr lee stormed onto the charts in 1957. 

‘With All My Heart’                  Jodie Sands … sang plenty of songs, yet this was her only hit.

‘garden Of Eden’            Joe Valino, another of the forgotten singers of the 50s with his only hit record. 

‘True Love’          Bing Crosby with Grace Kelly …Kelly's contribution on the record is relatively minor, duetting with Bing on only the final chorus.

‘Tonight You Belong To me’              The Lennon Sisters, four of the six sisters from a family of 11 … they became role models for many in the 50s.

‘When The White Lilacs Bloom Again’         Helmut Zacharias and His Magic Violins … the German violinist created over 400 works and sold 14 million records. 

‘Ivory Tower’                 Cathy Carr just 20 years of age when she recorded this one and only major hit song.  

‘Blue Suede Shoes’                  carl perkins – if I remember correctly, this was the first song to hit the pop, country and rhythm and blues charts at the same time. 

‘Eddie My Love’            The Teen Queens with a cruisey oldie … and if this doesn’t take you right back to life in the 50s , nothing will. 

‘Daddy O’                      Bonnie Lou  helped pave the way for future female artists as one of rock and roll's first female singers. 

‘The Breeze And I’                   caterina Valente enjoyed 14 weeks on the charts in 1955 with this one …

‘Dixie Danny’                 Laurie Sisters another one of the many sister acts on record in the 50s … the Shiavone girls, Gretta, Phyllis and Carolyn toured from 1955 to 1970. 

‘My baby Don’t Love Me No More’            this was the biggest hit for the DeJohn Sisters which was released in 1954.

‘The Ballad Of Davy Crocket’            The Voices Of Walter Schumann …

‘Let me Go Lover’                   Joan Weber

‘The Bandit’                             Eddie Barclay And His orchestra