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Wayne’s Music 7/8 December 2013.  Those sensational seventies.

‘Tomorrow’                                       Joe Walsh from his 4th studio album in 1978 – “But Seriously Folks”.                 

‘Blue Sunday’                          The Doors from Morrison Hotel.       

‘Sweet Summer Lovin’             Dolly Parton from her Great Balls Of Fire album in the summer of 79.    

‘Bitches brew’ (John McLaughlin)’               Miles Davis on his best selling jazz record
‘Freedom For The Stallion’                          The Hues Corporation in 1973

‘The Wizard’                                               Black Sabbath – the first album in 1970
‘Diamonds And Rust’                        Joan Baez  in 1975          

‘Love The One You’re With’             Stephen Stills with guests Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix (possibly his last recording before he died), Mama Cass Elliot and Ringo Starr (credited only as Richie). 

‘Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying’      Olivia Newton John from the Clearly Love Collection in 1975.                            

‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’     After The Gold Rush the third solo album for Neil Young.
‘Far far Away’                          Slade                    

‘Ruby Love’                                      Cat Stevens from the classic Teaser and The Firecat        
‘Coldest Night Of The Year’              Starbuck              

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’                         Paul McCartney on his first solo album released a week after he announced the breakup of the Beatles, April 10th 1970. 

‘Wayne’s Music Sunday 8 December 2013.  Those sensational 70s albums.  PART ONE

‘Statesboro Blues’          The Allman Brothers band in 1971

 ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’                  Roger Miller “Off The Wall”     Miller

‘The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan’              Marianne Faithfull on Broken English  

‘Blue Skies’                    Willie Nelson  working with Producer Booker T Jones on his collection of Pop Standards  - one of the most successful albums in his catalogue. 


‘Honky Tonk Heroes’               Waylon Jennings

Us And Tem’                          Pink Floyd

‘He’s Misstra Know It All’                 Stevie Wonder

 ‘Help Me’                      Joni Mitchell from Court and Spark – one of THE albums of 1974.

‘Blue Desert’                  Sailor                   

‘Dreamer’                       Supertramp 

‘Too Far Gone’              Emmylou Harris

‘Legalize It’                    Peter Tosh  

 ‘Just The Way You Are’           Billy Joel from the Stranger album. 

 ‘Rocking Shopping Centre’                Jonathon Richman and The Modern Lovers

 ‘One Piece At A Time’             Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Three

 ‘You’re My best Friend’           Queen

 ‘Don’t Let It Die’                     Hurricane Smith