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Wayne’s Music 30 November/1st December 2013.  Don’t Knock The 50s!!!

‘The House Of The Rising Sun’         The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group was the early hitmaker on Oriole Records, the first British record label founded in 1925 by the Levy Family who built up their business from an East London record Shop. 

‘The Swinging Shepherd Blues’          Moe Koffman Quartette in 1957 – arguably the first real jazz hit of the rock age. 

‘Make Yourself Comfortable’   Peggy King the star of American Bandstand, The Tonight Show and The Jack Benny Show.

‘Shake Me I rattle’          The Kaye Sisters – three of them, not sisters at all were Britain’s most popular “sister” act after The Beverleys. 

‘It’s All In The Game’              Tommy Edwards with the song written by a Vice president Of The United States. 

‘Steppin Out With My baby’     Doris Day with a bit of lounge artistry … the Irving Berlin number. 
‘(The Gang That Sang) Heart Of My Heart’… here’s the one that everybody sang around the piano in the fifties – this version is by Alan Dale, Don Cornell and Johnny desmond. 

’26 Miles (Santa Catalina)’                  The Four Preps .

‘Day By day’                  The Four Freshmen in 1955      

‘Stood Up’           Ricky Nelson.                

‘W O M A N’                 Etta James  showing raw emotion even at this early stage of her career.

‘Good Golly Miss Molly’                   Little Richard – in 1958 with the 12 bar blues number that became a rock and roll standard …

‘The Day That The Rains Came Down’        Jane Morgan with another punchy 50s production.

‘Se De Boom Run Dun’            Mickey Baker and Sylvia Robinson gave us a lot more than their one Hit song “Love Is Strange”

‘Gone’                  the second #1 for Ferlin Husky  which is often considered to be the hit that inaugurated the Nashville Sound –

‘Canadian Sunset’           Andy Williams puts the words to pianist Eddie Heywood’s piece picking himself up a top ten hit along the way in 1956. 

‘One Last Kiss’              Bobby Vee with one he recorded in 1959

‘Chilly Winds Don’t Blow’                 Nina Simone with one of her early single successes in 1959. 

‘Patricia’               Perry Como – the singing barber –

‘11th Hour melody’                   Lou Busch (aka Joe Fingers Carr) the honky tonk pianist .  

Wayne’s Music Sunday 1 December 2013.  Don’t knock the 50s!     PART ONE

‘That’s All I Want From You’            Jaye P Morgan with pretty much a forgotten gem now – still think she was one of the best singers of the era – the 1950s. 

‘Jezebel’               Frankie laine  - the big baritone voice took him into the charts many times in the 50s and 60s …this is one of the songs with which he is immediately identified – Jezebel. 

‘Diddley-Daddy’             Bo Diddley – one of the founding father’s of this 50’s beat called rock and roll … talk about influential? 

‘Someday You’ll Want Me To Want You’             Jodie Sands another 50s recording artist with all the requirements of those days – sweet, clear voice, sound diction and bright delivery. 

‘Caribbean’           Michael Torok with his own hit song.

‘The Birth Of The Beat’            Sandy nelson  - the Gene Krupa of the teen set in the 50s and 60s – this would have to be the only unaccompanied drum solo ever to reach the charts.


‘Rockin Little Angel’                Ray Smith – a hillbilly boy who got shot in the leg while running moonshine in Kentucky in the bad old days … then he got into music and hosted his own weekly television show. 

‘If I Can’t Have You’      a fabulous forgotten oldie from Etta James and Harvey Fuqua from The Moonglows …

‘He Will Break Your Heart’       Jerry Butler  with his good friend and co-writer of the song Curtis Mayfield.

‘You Will Find Your Love In Paris’    Patti Page – The Oklahoma Songbird with one of her fifties songs you might NOT have heard before. 

‘One More Sunrise’                  Leslie Uggams with her vocal version of the European Melody called Morgen.  .

‘Mary Don’t You Weep For Me’                 Stonewall Jackson  (not a nickname) – the honky tonk singer claimed he was a descendant of the Confederate General Thomas Stonewall Jackson. 

‘Malaguena’          Caterina Valente sings Ernesto lecuona’s song … Valente is one of the most astonishing singers of any age – her range is incredible, and her pitch right on the button.  Pure vocal power was her hallmark. 

‘You Don’t owe Me A Thing’            Johnny Ray when he was recording with Ray Coniff in 1957. 

‘Young Love’                 Sonny James  - The Southern Gentleman  with one of the first teen ballads of the rock era.

‘Rockabilly’          Guy Mitchell was working with Mitch Miller who totally dismissed rock and roll, yet, ironically, this record they worked on together went straight to #1 in 1957 …

‘Nora malone’                 here’s a sweet old fashioned number from a sweet old fashioned girl – Teresa Brewer.

‘Four Walls’                   Jim Reeves with his #1 in 1957.  

‘Come Prima’                 Marino Marini (1958) …

‘Mangos’              Rosemary Clooney          with a 1957 song introduced in the Ziegfeld Follies          

‘Honey Don’t’                Carl Perkins with the 1956 original B side of Blue Suede Shoes – both songs became rockabilly classics .     

‘I Love How You Love Me’     The Paris Sisters – Priscilla, Albeth and  Sherrell – from San Francisco who later became well known through their work with Phil Spector.        

‘You Are My Love’                  Joni James started having top ten hits in 1952. 

‘Pepper Hot baby’          Jaye P Morgan  - a big artist in the 50s – a pepper hot baby herself – as TV audiences of The Gong Show discovered in the 70s in the United States. 

‘Then I’ll Be Happy’                Eddie Fisher         

‘If I Love Ya, Then I need Ya; If I Need ya, Then I Want Ya Around:’                    Eartha Kitt