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Wayne’s Music 16/17 November 2013.  The 60s songs you will never get out of your head! 

‘Stop! In The Name Of Love’            the classic Motown sound  inspired by co-writer Lamont Dozier after a pitched domestic battle with his girlfriend when she threatened to walk out the door.

‘Good Vibrations’          Brian Wilson’s “pocket Symphony” for the Beach Boys after months of experimentation  and the finished article blew everyone away …

‘I Can Never Go Home Again’           The Shangri-Lah’s - - who expressed the essence of teen-angst better than Mary Weiss and The Shagri-Lah’s? 

‘Penny Lane’                  it was 1967 and The Beatles needed a strong single because their popularity was on the wane, so out comes the double –A sided Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane  - both masterpieces and the best example of the contrasting talents of Lennon and McCartney. 

‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’          Bob Dylan with possibly the “first rap song” …in 1965. 

‘Be My Baby’                 The Ronettes – how could this record NOT be a hit?

‘She’s Not There’           The Zombies with one of their first numbers captured during a 12 hour session at Decca’s Hampstead Studios in 1964.

‘I Heard It Through The Grape Vine’           Marvin Gaye with a song that Motown shelved because nobody liked it until a Chicago DJ aired it in 1968 and his phones lit up …

‘Walk On By’                 Dionne Warwick with a monster that emerged from Bacharach and David’s cubicle in the Brill Building. 

‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’    the Rolling Stones with the song that Keith Richards did NOT like

‘Crying’                          Roy Orbison with the signature epic that was originally destined for country singer Don Gibson.

‘Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay’       Otis Redding with the saddest swan song in pop music history …

‘Hey Jude’            The Beatles with the first song out on Apple records – a milestone and a masterpiece in pop culture and music. 

‘The Tracks Of My Tears’                 Smokey Robinson with another one of his songs upon which the foundations of the Motown Empire had been built.

‘Three Steps To heaven’           Eddie Cochran …with his posthumous #1 hit in the UK – yet in the US it didn’t even crack the Billboard top 100. 

‘Proud Mary’                           Creedence Clearwater Revival

‘Unchained Melody’                 The Righteous Brothers – with one of the most moving pop recordings of all time. 

Wayne’s Music Sunday 17 November 2013.  The 60s songs you will never get out of your head.  PART ONE.

‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’                   Procol Harum – with the song that took the pop song art form to another level. 

‘For What It’s Worth’              Buffalo Springfield with the song that spoke for a generation.  In 1966 thousands of young people , angered by the Los Angeles Police Force’s attempts to shut down teen hangouts and enforce a curfew, demonstrated on Sunset Strip.  Stephen Stills was far away when the youth of LA were undergoing their bruising encounter with the law, but when he heard about it on the news, he wrote this song which became the band’s break-through hit. 

‘Like A Rolling Stone’              Bob Dylan with his song that is supposedly  about Edie Sedgwick. She was the "It' girl in the Andy Warhol Factory crowd. She briefly had a thing with Bob or somebody from his camp. She was a "blue blood" that was getting used by Warhol because of her money. (or so the story goes)!


‘When A man Loves A Woman’                  a bit of magic happened in the studio in 1966, and it was caught in mono.  After an afternoon session, producer Jerry Wexler thought the horn section was out of tune and needed re-doing.  Other horn players were brought in, it was re-recorded, and whoever was responsible for the final mastering released the out of tune version – and it hit #1. 

‘Mr Tambourine Man’              The Bob Dylan song and Roger McGuinn’s twelve string electric guitar usher in the “modern era”. 

‘Girl’                    The Beatles with one of John Lennon’s favourite Beatle songs …

‘respect’               Aretha Franklin – with Otis Redding’s song – arrangements by Aretha and her sister Carolyn, sung by them with other sister Erma.

‘Honky Tonk Women’             The Rolling Stones – with the big song after Brian Jones was asked to leave the band – so Mick Taylor features on the released take of Honky Tonk Women in 1969. 

‘Dancing In The Street’             a pure celebration from Martha And The vandellas  - and a pinnacle for Motown . 

‘House Of The Rising Sun’                The Animals – with the smash hit – recorded at 8 in the morning after one run through and one take.  The session was completed by 8.30 at a total cost of 4 Pound 10 shillings.

‘You Really Got Me’                The Kinks with what probably was the heaviest distortion to appear on a hit record  - paving the way for heavy metal.  

‘Spanish Harlem’                      Ben E King – from a solo session after he left the Drifters –

‘God Only Knows’                   Beach Boys  - took two and a half hours to write God Only Knows – two mikes were used for each instrument producing a phasing sound –

 Cathy’s Clown’             The Everly Brothers – the absolute masters of harmony –

‘Something In The Air’             Thunderclap Newman the British band with jazz pianist Andy (Thunderclap) Newman leading singer/drummer Speedy Keen and 16 year old guitarist Jimmy McCulloch.

‘Wichita Lineman’           Glen Campbell with a piece of brilliance from Jimmy Webb …

 Paperback Writer’                   The Beatles – Paul McCartney rates this song as being among his best lyrics – the first  #1 Beatles song that wasn’t about love. 

‘A Change is Gonna Come’                Sam Cooke – the man some say invented SOUL. 

‘Runaway’                      Del Shannon who admitted once that this was all about running away from himself …he came up with the melody and the lyrics in 1960, thus becoming one of the pioneers of the singer/songwriter category before the description existed. 

‘Green Onions’               Booker T and The MG’s.