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Wayne’s Music 3rd 4th August 2013.  Slipping in some recent releases.

‘She’           Jeff Lynne from his collection of re-makes of “old” songs that influenced his music when he was growing up in Birmingham.

‘The Royal Mile’             the late Gerry Rafferty from his fourth album released back in 1980 …

‘The One Who Loves You Now’                 Agnetha Faltskog … the siren songstress from ABBA is back with a new album released three months ago

‘You Don’t Need A Million Dollars’             Joe Cocker fires it up on his 22nd studio album.

‘get To me’           Lady Antebellum with a return to form on the fourth studio album …

‘Dreaming Of Paris’                  Van Dyke Parks with some original material since 1995’s “Orange Crate Art” ….

‘The Dance of the midnight Rainbow’          the title track of a collection of songs by UK singer Debbie Davis with a host of other artists.

‘Tarnished Gold’            California alternative Country rock band  Beachwood Sparks 

‘Horizon Flame’                                 between 1984  and 1987 Alison Moyet was Britain’s biggest female solo star. 

‘Gonna Be Good’ – Paul Kelly`

‘When You get To Asheville’             Steve Martin and Edie Brickell –

‘Don’t You Know’                              The Keil Isles on a Zodiac re-release.                 

‘What Have I Done’                 a tear-jerker from the new LeeAnne Rimes album “Spitfire” …

‘IsYour Love Big Enough’ … here’s London singer, with a Greek Father and a Jamaican Mother who has just shaken The Royal Albert Hall – and before that The Glastonbury festival … Lianne Le havas is a rising star!

.Wayne’s Music Sunday 4 August 2013.  Letting some of “today’s music” slip in .    PART ONE.

The Strongman Mine Disaster’          from the latest collection Damper,Duff and Doughboys from New Zealand’s foremost and finest heritage balladeer, Phil Garland. 

‘Them There Eyes’                   Beth hart and Joe Bonamassa             

‘Joy To You Baby’         Josh Ritter from the album The Beast In Its Tracks
‘The Conversation’                   Texas – is a Scottish Rock band (okay you knew that).

‘So Sad’               Jeff Lynne had been working for the past couple of years on his album of the songs he listened to on his crystal set growing up in Birmingham – he called it “Long Wave” as a tribute to those old radio shows. This is the treatment he gave to an old Everly Brothers number.


‘Runaway Train’             Burns and kristy – Terry Burns, the youngest of the Burns Sisters trio, she was a staff writer for EMI Publishing so her songs have been recorded by many … and Ron Kristy has been composing music for film and TV for many years …

‘Welded To me, Barncale to Bow’      Matt Stalker and Fables …

‘Swandri’              more kiwiana this weekend  from Alana Downes – he sings about the coat of a country bloke … The Swandri. 

‘Ohio’                            from American Kid – Patty Griffin

‘Perfume In The Breeze’           the triumphant return of ABBA’s Agnetha Faltskog to the studio after many years in (almost seclusion) …

‘Standing At The gates’            Gerry Rafferty

‘Enjoy Yourself Or get out’                Andrew London from his Middle Class White Boy Blues collection, a compilation of his most rquested songs whether he’s performing with Hot Club Sandwich, the Cattlestops or with various trio line-ups such as this one – Nils Olsen plays saxes, clarinet and flute, and Kirsten London the bass. 

‘Mother’               this is the title track from the first solo album from The Dixie Chick’s lead singer Natalie Maines.

‘Feeling Mortal’     Kris Kristofferson feeling Mortal and once again being true to himself as he contemplates life, and what it might hold in his twilight years. 

‘Younger’             meanwhile another veteran Joe Cocker tries to figure out the meaning of life, as he sings about getting “Younger”.

‘Diamonds And Rust’               Bex Murray – one of our own who has been doing some wonderful work overseas, but she recorded this for her album Heart That Talks in Auckland. 

‘Wagon Wheel’              Darius Rucker, the former lead singer and rhythm guitarist with Hootie And The Blowfish with several rock albums to the band’s credit – four years ago, Rucker signs up for a career in country music with Capitol.