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Wayne’s Music 4/5 May 2013.  Those one hit wonders from the 50s as you remember them.

‘ The House Of Blue Lights’ – Chuck Miller was a singer and pianist who worked the clubs in Los Angeles in the 40s. 

‘A Fallen Star’ – Jimmy Newman is a long time star of the Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee, and a pioneer in Cajun music – which he started to introduce into his repertoire as his popularity grew.  .

‘The Breeze And I’ – Caterina Valente the Italian singer, dancer and actress.  She’s a world citizen, a polyglot, having sung in 12 different languages.

‘Your Wild Heart’ -    Joy Layne from Chicago with a style inspired by Teresa Brewer.

‘Here Comes Summer’ – Jerry Keller, from Arkansas was sent by Pat Boone to see Marty Miller in New York who became his manager. 
‘The Joker (That’s What They Call me)’ – Billy Myles, the rhythm and blues man was pretty active in the music industry in the 50s and 60s, and occasionally co-wrote songs with Jackie Wilson and Brook Benton. 

‘Dixie Danny’                 Laurie Sisters , Gretta, Carol and Cathy from Pennsylvania,

‘Almost Paradise’ -         Lou Stein, the American jazz pianist started out with Ray McKinley’s Band in the early 40s, then was in the Glenn Miller Band when it was in America during World war 2. 

‘Marianne’ – terry Gilkyson And The easy Riders was formed up in 1957.
‘Shirley’ – The Schoolboys A Rhythm &Blues vocal group from Harlem,.

‘Since I met You Baby’            Ivory Joe Hunter, the man they called “the Barron Of The Boogie”

‘Angry’                                    This was Frank Pizani's lone Billboard charter, as it reached No. 70 in the autumn of 1957. Instrumental backing was by Lew Douglas & His Orchestra.

‘My Baby Don’t Love me No More’ – Dejohn Sisters, another Pennsylvania Duo who had a one-hit wonder with their own song

‘Moonglow (theme from Picnic)’ –Morris Stoloff was a musical composer who worked as a musical director at Columbia Pictures from 1936 to 1962.

‘peanuts’ – Little Joe Cook and The Thrillers – with the song that won them a spot on American bandstand in 1957. 

‘Ivory Tower’ – cathy carr (Angelina Helen Catherine Cordovano) with her one and only hit, despite the fact that she recorded five albums and over 30 singles during a 12 year recording career. 

‘Julie’ –Sammy Salvo was one of a number of rock ‘n roll singers whom RCA Victor signed to tentative contracts in the late 50’s in a random effort to replicate the Elvis Presley phenomenon. 

‘White Silver Sands’ – Dave Gardner began a musical career as a drummer and occasional vocalist..
‘When The White Lilacs Bloom Again -  Helmut Zacharais the German composer and violinist with his greatest success.

Wayne’s Music Sunday 5 May 2013.  One Hit Wonders from the 50s as you remember them.  PART ONE

‘Bad Boy’ -                The Jive Bombers, a popular Rhythm and Blues group from New York with the rather unusual sound of the lead singer Clarence Palmer who scat-sings at random points between the words.

‘Mr Wonderful’          Teddi King, the jazz and pop vocalist toured with George Shearing for a couple of years, then had a successful couple of seasons in Las Vegas

‘Greensleeves’          The Beverly Sisters, the British trio – Joy, Teddi and Babs …the UK answer to The Andrews Sisters, and in fact they were the first British female group to break into the American Top 10.

‘With All My Heart’ – Jody Sands – the first star of Chancellor Records, until Frankie Avalon registered the first of his squeaky-clean hits, and Jodie didn’t get another look in. 

 ‘Swinging Sweethearts’    Ron Goodwin …In 1958 the skiffle-rhythm was a rage and Ron Goodwin wrote "Skiffling Strings". The song entered the hit parade and the American label "Capitol" was interested to release it in the USA. But the Americans were wondering what "Skiffling" really meant. In America the skiffle-rage was completely unknown. So, the song was re-titled "Swingin' Sweethearts".

‘I’m Available’ -      Margie Rayburn, the Californian and former member of the Sunnysiders with her ONE HIT WONDER.

Hey Little Girl’ -     The Techniques –from Georgia Tech University who got this out on the Stars label before Roulette took the company over. 

‘Moonlight Swim’  -  Tony Perkins - Before he became "Psycho" Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchocks classic movie, Tony Perkins had a big hit (#24) in 1957 with this version four years before Elvis recorded it for the "Blue Hawaii" movie soundtrack. 

‘Miss You So’ -        Lillian Offitt  was a lusty blues shouter, of small stature..

‘A House A Car A Wedding Ring’ -    Mike Preston, the boy from Hackney London who became an International film and television actor after his singing days
‘Rebel’                      Carol Jarvis – what a voice – this is the song she sang on American Bandstand in 57.

‘Baubles, Bangles And Beads’ -   The Kirby Stone Four with their one hit wonder – nominated for a Grammy Award in 1958 for their wonderful interpretation of the song from Kismet. 

‘Little By Little’   -   Micki Marlo, the singer and model from Philadelphia who worked the variety circuit in the 1950s,

‘Chanson D’Amour’ – Art and Dotty Todd, not BIG names out here in the 50s and 60s, but in America they played everywhere – The Biltmore on Rhode Island, Chapman Park in Los Angeles, Shadow Mountain Club in Desert Palms, The Dunes in Las Vegas – and they even opened their own club in Honolulu. 

‘It Hurts To be In Love’ -  Annie Laurie, was a jump blues singer from Atlanta, who started out with the big bands on what was known as The Chitlin Circuit in the southern states of America.  ‘Delicious’ (The Laughing Song) … Jim Backus (the voice of Mr Magoo …) and friend –

‘Freight Train’ -              Nancy Whiskey – The Queen of Skiffle for a short time

‘Over The Weekend’ -       The Playboys, part of The Cameo-Parkway record label story.

‘Yea Yea’ -                       The kendall Sisters – from Cleveland Ohio.  

‘ bewitched’                             Betty Smith Group -It was rare to find a woman jazz musician in the Fifties..

‘Suzie darlin’                            Robin Luke with his enduring 1958 hit about his 5 year old sister –

‘Darling It’s Wonderful’ -     The Lovers with one of the few records to chart on the Lamp label –‘The Things I Love’                 The Fidelity’s – a doo-wop quintette from New York possibly modeling themselves on The Platters, which may have worked against them for more chart hits than just this one. 

‘When The Boys Talk About The Girls’ – Valerie Carr -  a gifted vocalist but the lack of further chart action puts her in the One Hit Wonder category.

‘Wishing For Your Love’ -   The Voxpoppers, made up of the Tamburo Brothers, Freddie, Sal and Harry from New York.

‘Woodchoppers Ball’ -         Hutch Davie