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Wayne’s Music 2/3 February 2013.  1960s.

Bad Boy                         Marty Wilde, one of the British new-kids on the block in 1960.            

Rawhide                        For Frankie Laine it was goodbye with his fast-moving cowboy song, because after 1960 he did not appear in the charts again, in spite of continuing popularity into the 70s. 

Man Of Mystery             The Shadows began their careers in their own right without Cliff Richard, although 1960 was a stellar year for Sir Cliff. 

Be My Guest                            Fats Domino … is this the first ever SKA Record?  A lively, Happy song from 1959 that really turned the lights on for those in Jamaica who came up with The Ska and Reggae beats.

Snow Coach                            Russ Conway the British pop pianist – had more than 20 chart breakers over a six year period … before ill health plagued his playing career.  

A Voice In The Wilderness               Cliff Richard. 

Running Bear               Johnny Preston with the Big Bopper’s song – with the Bopper himself and George Jones featuring on Indian Chants on the record …

Slow Boat To China               Emile Ford (from Saint Lucia in the West Indies) is the first British Black artist to sell a million copies of a 7-inch single – as a result Ford and The Checkmates were voted the “best new act” in 1960.

Look For A Star            Gary Mills with a Tony Hatch song (who was writing under the name Mark Anthony)

Fings Aint What They used To be              the late Max Bygraves, died on Hope Island in August last year – at his daughters home in Queensland – a wonderful all round entertainer – with 20 Royal Variety performances to his credit …
Do You Mind                          Anthony Newley – one of the top talents of the 60s on record, stage and screen …
Stuck On You                         Elvis Presley with his first hit song after his two year army stint Footsteps                                 Steve Lawrence with another of those pop songs that sums up the era –

Three Steps To Heaven           Eddie Cochran wrote this with his good friend and fellow songwriter Jerry Capehart, and his brother Bob Cochran.

Robot Man                     Connie Francis – one of the biggest hit-makers in the decade - the prototype for the female pop singer of today.

Melting Pot                                       Blue Mink with the first single – a commentary on those pop culture days in Britain …

Winter World Of Love             Engelbert Humperdinck … somehow he just doesn’t squeeze the beauty out of the song. 

I’m Sorry                                 Brenda Lee was 15 when she recorded what was to become one of the finest teen pop songs of its era – eventually it was her “definitive song” …       

Nobody’s Child                        Karen Young with a song first recorded by Hank Snow in 1949; 

That’s The way God Planned It        Billy Preston


Wayne’s Music Sunday 5th February 2013.  1960s.

Turn Around Look At Me                 the first song to chart for Glen Campbell in 1961 …

Can’t You See That She’s Mine                 Dave Clark Five  with the fourth big single at the height of The british Invasion – 1964. 

Don’t Go Out Into The Rain You’re Gonna melt          Herman’s Hermits were touring the United States promoting their latest single in 1967 – The Who was the support act  - but at that time the Manchester Group was one of the hottest UK pop exports.                                    

Man Of The World                  a sad but beautiful song written by Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac … appearing first as a single before winding up on various Fleetwood Mac albums … all about the man who has everything he wants, except the companion he craves.       

Samantha                      Kenny Ball and his jazzers … you first heard this early in 1961


Boys Cry                        Eden kane one of those good looking stars whose career was largely in the hands of other songwriters, in his case the prolific Les Vandyke who churned out the songs 

Only One Woman                   Marbles with the song I associate with the Bee gees – since they wrote it – Maurice Gibb plays bass and piano, Barry Gibb on Guitar, Colin Peterson was the Bee Gees drummer then, he’s there too, and The Marbles were the singers, Graham Bonnet and Trevor Gordon.

Over You                       Freddie And The Dreamers with one of those lost songs from the 60s …

Let Me Go Lover            Kathy Kirby with Her voluptuous blonde looks led to comparisons with Marilyn Monroe; her lip gloss and powerful, pitch-perfect voice became her trademarks.

I’m The Lonely One                Cliff Richard with one of his forgotten ones … from about 1964.

Goodbye My Love                    Searchers in 1965, probably about the time Tony hatch was producing a lot of the band’s stuff
The Price Of Love                   The Everly Brothers reflecting how the British Invasion influenced their music – with the solid beat, harmonica, ringing guitars and tambourine …

Set Me Free                             The Kinks – somewhat ironical that one of Briatin’s most enduring and respected groups spawned from the beat boom of the 60s has received success, adulation and financial reward in the United States.  

Message Understood                Sandie Shaw … the 6th single by barefoot Sandie in 1965 – from her usual songwriter Chris Andrews.  

You’ve Got Your Troubles                The Fortunes with the  most successful single and the first song Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway wrote together.

Love’s Just A Broken Heart              Cilla Black with her own 1812 overture – in 1968. 

Elusive Butterfly                     Bob Lind played the guitar on most of his hits, while Leon Russell played the piano.  He was widely touted as “the new Bob Dylan” and a spokesperson for youth in 1966.

Space Oddity                           David Bowie wrote this in 1969 for a promotional film called “Love You Til Tuesday”.    

Like I Do                       Maureen Evans with a song originally recorded by Nancy Sinatra based on a classical piece called “Dance Of The Hours”. 

God Only Knows           The Beach Boys – when three brothers, one cousin and a schoolfriend formed a casual singing group in 1961, they unconsciously created one of the longest-running, compulsively fascinating and bitterly tragic sagas in popular music …

Walk With me               The seekers – I think this is one of their most underrated songs.  

Bad Bad Boy                           Paul Jones – with an all time 60s favourite –

It Must be Him              Vicki Carr, Florencia Bisenta De Casillas Martinez Cardona from El Paso Texas, started out with several bands and orchestras, before going solo, and enjoyed a much publicized friendship with Elvis Presley … this was her big one in 1967 EMI 7 94376

Flowers In The Rain               The Move, from the ashes of several Birmingham groups formed up in 1965, moved to London and rapidly established themselves as one of the most inventive and accomplished pop groups on the live circuit..  They signed up to the reactivated Regal Zonophone label which was launched with this first record played on BBC Radio 1.