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Wayne’s Music 13/14 October 2012.  1940s.

Back Bay Shuffle                    Artie Shaw                     

Oh How He Misses His Missus         hatchette’s Swingtette    

The Call Of The Canyon         Glenn Miller          

Cruising Down The River       Crew-Cuts            

Little Curly Hair                     Fats Waller                    

When You Hear Big ben                  Vera Lynn            

Sierra Sue                               Bin Crosby                    

Vilia                                        Guy Lombardo              

When The Swallows Come Back      Inkspots               

Maybe It’s Because                 Flanagan/Allen                

The Woodpecker Song             Andrews Sisters   

Pedro The Fisherman             Richard Tauber    

I Hear A Rhapsody                  Helen Forrest        

Hep Cat’s Love Song              Cab Calloway       

Perfidia                                   Xavier Cugat        


PART ONE  Sunday 14 October 2012.


Joe Loss medley

I’m Looking Over                                                         

Is It True What The say                   

Sweet Sue                                                            

How Ya Gonna Keep Em                

Dark Town Strutters                                           

Music Music Music                                           

The Happy Wanderer                      

He’s My Guy                         

Glow Worm                             Johnny Mercer

White Cliffs Of Dover              Vera Lynn   




Comin In On A Wing And A prayer                   Anne Shelton

Carolina In The Morning       Al Jolson    

A Yodeller’s Lullaby               Bill haley

It Could Happen To You                  Jo Stafford           

One For My baby                    Fred Astaire         

Little White Lies                      Dick Haymes        

A Chicken Ain’t Nothin          Cab Calloway       

The Trolley Song                     Pied Pipers         

That’s My Desire                     Frankie Laine       

The Loveliest Night                 Anne Shelton        

No Love No Nothin                  Ella Mae Morse   

Bring Another Drink               Nat King Cole      

A Little Bird Told Me             Evelyn Knight       

M’Am’Selle                                      Art Lund              

Rose O Day                              Kate Smith           

I Wish I Didn’t Love You So   Betty Hutton         

Who Threw The Whiskey        Wynonie Harris