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Wayne’s Music Saturday 1st September 2012.  Those 70s!

Someday We’ll be Together              The Supremes in 1970  when Kermit The Frog told the world, “It’s Not Easy being Green”. 

Heart Of Glass                          A Number One for Blondie when Hale Irwin was The US Golf Open Champion, John McEnroe and Tracy Austin were US Tennis Champions, Bjorn Borg and Martina Navratilova took out the Wimbolden titles, and Brooke Shields was telling the world that nothing comes between her and her Calvins. 

Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head          Billy Joe Thomas at the top of the charts with the big hit song from one of the movies of the year Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid.

Dancing Queen             ABBA – another #1 when the world caught onto the phrase “May The Force Be With You” – thanks to Harrison Ford in “Star Wars Episode 4” in 1977. 

Brand New Key              Melanie Safka in 1971 when Time Magazine’s man Of The Year was Richard Nixon. 

If You Leave Me Now                these are the #1 songs from The Billboard Charts in the 70s … Chicago took this to the top when one of the quotes of the year in 1976 came from actor Peter Finch in the film “Network” … “I’m As Mad As hell, and I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore”.          

I Am Woman                  Helen Reddy with one of the songs of the year in 72 … when the battle of the sexes was over once and for all when Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in three straight tennis sets.

Black water                    The Doobies on top of the charts in 1975.

Me And Mrs Jones                   Billy Paul at #1 in 73

Rock The Boat               The Hues Corporation with their fresh, irresistible dance track at the beginning of the disco era. 

Make It With You           one of the Bread songs that ushered in the 70s – when the fashionistas were Barabara Eden, Diana Rigg, Barbara feldon and Jane Fonda. 

Knock On Wood            Amii Stewart  in 1979

How Can You mend A Broken Heart                   The Bee Gees on top of the charts in 1971 

Hotel California               The number one song by The Eagles in 77 when the world was watching “Roots” on TV. 


Wayne’s Music Sunday 2 September 2012.  Those 70s #1’s.

Play That Funky Music                 Wild Cherry in 76 when Jimmy Connors and Chrissy Evert won the US Tennis Open and Bjorn Borg and Chris Evert took out the Wimbolden titles. 

The Long And Winding Road                   The Beatles – 1970 one of the last Beatle songs which Paul McCartney wrote based on the tensions within the band . This was the only Beatles song where John Lennon played bass. He was ordinarily their rhythm guitarist. Harrison and Ringo had their parts removed by Phil Spector, so they don't appear on this at all.

Have You Ever Benn mellow           Olivia Newton John at #1 in 1975

Midnight Train To Georgia                Gladys Knight And The Pips with a Grammy Award winning vocal performance  in 1973. 

Time In A Bottle             Jim Croce  in 74


Welcome Back                    John Sebastian, Lovin Spoonful frontman came up with this theme for the TV sit-com where a young John Travolta got his big break …when he played the starring role of Vinnie Barbarino.

Venus                     Shocking Blue 

Without You                 Harry Nilsson  with his #1 in 72 when Jane Fonda visited North Vietnam, supporting the communist side of the war, earning the nickname Hanoi Jane. 

Ring My Bell                  Anita Ward with a one hit wonder in 79 –

You Don’t Have To be A Star            Marilyn McCoo and  Billy Davis Jr won a Grammy  for Best Rhythm and Blues vocal duet in 1976 

Convoy                  C.W. McCall is a character created by songwriter Bill Fries.

Torn Between two lovers)  Mary MacGregor with the song that Peter yarrow wrote originally, for a man, who was in love with two women … or so the story goes.   Mary McGregor from Minnesota was a backup singer and toured with Peter yarrow and sang on his solo albums.

Brown Sugar                  The Rolling Stones in 71.

The Morning After                    Maureen McGovern – sings the theme from the first disaster movie I saw in 1972 – and it won the Academy Award for Best Song  … Carol Lynley lip-synched the song in the Poseidon Adventure, the vocal came from Renee Armand;  Connie Stevens sang the song at The Oscars, but Maureen McGovern had the hit.

Sundown             Gordon Lightfoot – is he singing about the only woman he ever loved,  Cathy Smith ,  despite their turbulent relationship for three or four years, before she was charged with first degree murder and spent more than a year in prison for the manslaughter of John Belushi 

Laughter In The Rain             Neil Sedaka with what he calls his “miracle” song since it took him back to the #1 position after about ten years in 1975. 

Knock Three Times           Dawn  in 1971 –

Please Mr Postman                The Carpenters belting out on the radio in 75 when the laser printer was invented, The Ford F-150 truck was introduced and  Mick Jagger aged 33 said that he would rather be dead than sing Satisfaction when he was 45 … what is he now -  70!! 

You’re The One That I Want             John farrar’s song that was the big International  hit from the film  Grease …

My Love                Paul McCartney and Wings with the most successful track from Red Rose Speedway in 73 – written by Paul about feelings for his wife Linda – the guitar solo by Irishman Henry McCullough.

Let’s Stay Together                   Al Green with his #1 in 1972 about an unconditional love where you are determined to stick it out through good times and bad.