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Wayne’s Music 26/27 May 2012.  1960s.

She’d Rather Be With me                   The Turtles.  Vocalists Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman put together the rock band The Turtles in 1965, and over the next five years had several notable Top 40 hits. 

Some Of Your Lovin               Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien, from west London who grew up to be Dusty Springfield OBE.

I’ve Been A bad Bad Boy                   Paul Jones was once asked by Keith Richards and Brian Jones to be the lead singer of a group they were forming, he turned them down, opting instead to be the harmonica player and singer with Manfred Mann.

Stay With me                          Blue Mink, what a great band in the swinging London scene of the 60s. 

Creeque Alley                  The mamas And papas -  This is the story of how the band met and formed.

You’ve Got Your Troubles                 The Fortunes – an archetypal british Beat Group of the 60s – the Birmingham quartet hit the charts in 1965, and as far as I know, are still appearing on the nostalgia circuit to this day.

Sugar Town                    lee Hazelwood says he wrote the song after watching kids in LA lining up sugar cubes and dropping something on them from an eye-dropper – the kids said it was LSD – kinda Sugar Town …

Something In The Air                   Thunderclap Newman were a UK Rock group formed by Jazz pianist Andy "Thunderclap" Newman, singer/drummer John "Speedy" Keen and 16-year-old guitarist Jimmy McCulloch. Pete Townshend discovered them, engineered, arranged and played bass on this song.

God Only Knows             The Beach Boys              written during Brian Wilson’s dable with spirituality when he held prayer sessions in the studio – and apparently this song inspired the Beatles to come up with “here, There And Everywhere”.         

To Whom It Concerns           Chris Andrews – who wrote many hits for Sandie Shaw, and his own efforts are seen as early examples of reggae influenced white pop music.         

Paper Sun            a wonderful excuse to play some Traffic – I remember every Traffic album displayed the “traffic Symbol” somewhere on the front or back cover.

Raggamuffin Man               The last single from April 1969 by Manfred Mann before they rode off into the sunset. 

You’re Going To Lose That Girl                  The Beatles with their continuation of the story from “She Loves You”.

Til The End Of The day          The Kinks, despite all the problems that racked the band, nervous breakdowns, blackouts, drunken fits, jealousy, greed, resentment and misunderstanding, the pressures of touring, mistrust of managers and record companies, the hits just kept coming!  

Itchycoo Park                 The Small faces with the biggest American hit the band had. 

Goodbye                 Mary Hopkin         In 1965 Paul McCartney saw Gene Raskin and his wife perform this Russian melody in a London Club.  When British model Twiggy told him about a young singer on Opportunity Knocks,  McCartney listened to 17 year old Mary Hopkin from Wales and recommended that she record the “folk song” he had heard a few years earlier.  The rest is pop history. 

Alfie                  at one time Cilla Black – or Priscilla Maria veronica White was the highest paid female performer on British television.

Is It Really Over              Jim reeves – one of the few western singers who became well known in the non-European world, including Africa, India and South east asia.


Wayne’s Music Sunday 27 May 2012.  1960s.  PART ONE.

Let The Heartaches Begin               Long John Baldry – sang the blues and influenced many notable British musicians with Rod Stewart and Elton John appearing in bands he led at various stages of the 60s.  of course Long John’s known and loved by a younger generation as the voice of Dr Robotnik in Adventures of Sonic The hedgehog . 

First Of May                   The Bee Gees – the Brothers from The Isle Of Man, who started their huge musical careers growing up in Australia. 

Over Under Sideways Down   The Yardbirds, the group noted for starting the career’s of three of rock’s most famous guitarists;  Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.  The Yardbirds were pioneers in almost every guitar innovation of the 60s;  Fuzz tone, feeback, distortion, improved amplification … one of the first groups to put an emphasis on complex lead guitar parts and experimentation. 

Summer Nights               Marianne Faithful working with Mike leander in the early days before her career went into a total tailspin –

Something Here In My Heart             The Paper Dolls from Northampton in the late 60s – anticipating the Spice Girls each member of the group had a nickname, Suzie “Tiger” Mathis, Pauline “Spyder” Bennett and Sue “Copper” Marshall … this was their solitary success



Where Do You Go To My Lovely               Peter Sarstedt with his Ivor Novello award winning song in 1969. 

Tomorrow                       Sandie Shaw – walked onto the set of TV’s Ready Steady Go, with bare feet, and the look developed into her trademark, as she went on to become the quintessential Mod Girl of London’s Swinging 60s scene.         

On My Word                 Sir Cliff Richard 

I Can’t Let Maggie Go            Honeybus, the London group with the main composers being Pete Dello and Ray Cane, who did write a rich collection of songs for the band, but this song was the only one that connected with the public in 1968.    

Sorry Suzanne               The Hollies – the Manchester Quintet, heavily influenced by The Everly Brothers. 

 I Put A Spell On You   Alan price, just after he had left The Animals with one of the classic Brit hits of the 60s. 

 Goodbye My Love                    The Searchers were in fact the second Liverpool group after The Beatles to have a hit in America “Needles And Pins” charted in March 1964. 

Oh Me Oh My                Lulu was thrilled when she got the opportunity to record at the famed Muscle Shoal Studios with Jerry Wexler, Tom Dowd and Arif Mardin in the control room …

Only One Woman        The Marbles – typical one hit wonders;  cousins Graham Bonnett and Trevor Gordon signed up with Robert Stigwood who got the Bee Gees to knock out half a dozen songs for them …

Have Pity On The Boy   Paul and Barry Ryan, the twin sons of pop singer Marion Ryan had been performing since they were 15, and when it turned out that Paul was unable to cope with the stress connected with show business, he started to write the songs and Barry would interpret them as a solo artist.

Blackberry Way             The Move  one of the finest and most contradictory groups of the sixties –

Captain Of Your Ship              reparata And The Delrons

 I’m The Urban Spaceman                 Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band – made up of  British Art School students in the 1960s.

The River             Ken Dodd – the veteran british comedian and singer, famous for his buck teeth, frizzy hair and feather duster …

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere              The Who

 Joanna                                   Scott Walker                  

Jezamine                                  The Casuals although British spent several years honing their skills in Europe and had a big success on Opportunity Knocks in 1968.