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Wayne’s Music 3/4 March 2012.  Where The Girls Are.

 Look Who It Is           Helen Shapiro at the peak of her chart years, when she was the headliner on a British tour and one of her support acts was a little known Liverpool group called “The Beatles”. 

Back With You Baby                here’s one from the girl-pop vaults in the mid sixties when legions of female singers had just one shot at immortality.  This is Tracy Rogers – actress turned singer – who certainly left an impression with her Bardot look with extra eye makeup.

Let Me Go Lover          Kathy Kirby was once the UK’s #1 female vocalist, after a tough apprenticeship at dancehalls such as The Palais, the Lyceum Ballroom in The Strand and the swanky Blue Angel in Mayfair.  By the mid 1960s Kathy was one of the best known personalities and most recognized entertainer in British Showbusiness. 

Only You Can Do It        The Vernons Girls, originally a troupe of 16 singers and dancers from Liverpool who split into smaller groups as backup singers on rock TV shows such as “Oh Boy” and “6.5 Special”.

Gotta Tell The World   Petula Clark with the start of something BIG …under Tony Hatch’s tutelage, she seized the world’s attention with easy pop anthems and continued releasing records at a frightening pace throughout the 60s and 70s.          

 Ring-A-My-Phone           The Lana Sisters – were a premier UK “sister act” – except that they were NOT sisters.

 I’m Just A baby          here is the sweet beat of Louise Cordet, an English pop princess, who never really cracked the big time

But I Don’t Care             Claire Francis – a New Yorker who was a one woman music factory – writing, producing, arranging – first with EMI in new York and then in the UK branch of Polydor Records. 

Try To Understand         Lulu’s Decca period threw up some brilliant singles … here’s the 6th, her last Decca side to make the charts. 

You Got Me So I Don’t Know       Pickettywitch, the 6 piece band with the blonde flower child Polly Brown on the cusp of the 70s when the bubblegum pop folk-rock fusion was starting to happen.

So Little Time                 Diana Dors , was Britain’s highest paid film star in 1956. and of course was the country’s best known Blonde Bombshell.;

When Love Is True       actress Susan Hampshire is NOT well known for her recording career … no, I guess the logical thing to do when you’re one of the stars of the best remembered TV show of the 60s “The Forsythe Saga” is knock out a few records

Can’t You Hear The Music      Karol Keyes failed to find success with her covers of US soul songs in the 60s, so she changed her name to Luan Peters, she carved out a career for herself on TV and the BIG screen and appeared with the band 5,000 volts in the 1970s. 

Only One Such As You                   Jackie Trent with a song written by the hitmaker for Sanie Shaw – Chris Andrews.

 Is This What I get For Loving You      Marianne Faithful –

You Are here                   The caravelles – a couple of office workers with common musical interests, with a producer who loved their soft voices and understood the type of backing to suit those voices. 

Something Here In My Heart     Paper Dolls, the British girl group with knicknames long before the Spice Girls came on the scene – Susie “tiger” Mathis, Pauline “Spyder” Bennett and Sue “Copper”Marshall.

 London Life          Anita Harris’s cover version of “Trains And Boats And Planes” charmed the writer of the song Burt Bacharach, he wrote “London Life” exclusively for the professional ice-skater turned all round entertainer.  

Wayne’s Music Sunday 4 March 2010.  Where The Girls Are.  PART ONE.

My Mother’s Eyes             The Lana Sisters were formed by Riss Chantelle and Lynne abrams in 1958, They advertised in The Stage magazine for a third member and took on singer Mary O`Brian who went on to huge solo success as Dusty Springfield.

Something To Give                Nita Rossi with a song Gordon Mills, manager of Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck wrote for her. 

Dance On           Kathy Kirby when she was a regular on  “Stars And garters”- a musical TV series in Britain set in a fictional east end pub. 

Don’t Let The Sun catch You Crying        Louise Cordet was having a country Sunday lunch with gerry And The pacemakers whilst on tour and Gerry played her his song – saying it was for her.  She recorded it, but it didn’t chart.   

Sometime yesterday    Helen Shapiro in 1962 … which  she sang on her first movie “It’s Trad, dad” when she was just 16.



 Pay You Back With Interest          Dana Gillespie, a former water-skiing champion and Donovan protégé, she dabbled in some folk-rock with a version of this Hollies song. 

See That Guy                 Lesley Duncan had several brilliant singles out in the 60s before Elton John recorded her “Love Song” for his album Tumbleweed Connection.

When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes     Beryl Marsden started her respectable recording career at the age of 15, and a few years later after a couple of releases for DECCA, she was a headliner at The Cavern in Liverpool and the equally legendary Star Club in Hamburg. 

The other Side Of Love          The Caravelles  didn’t exactly set the world on fire with their identifiable brand of ethereal pop, but they kept putting out the singles, like this one in 1968.

Miracles               I must admit, I hadn’t heard Kiki Dee’s music until the early 70s when she was recording for Elton John’s Rocket records …but she cut about a dozen stellar singles a decade before that, and was definitely in the front row ranks of the Brit Pop Girls, when she was plain old Pauline Mathews from Bradford. 

Nobody’s Home To Go Home To      until 1963, singer Billie Davis was known as the “Will I What?” girl on Mike Sarne’s hit song. 

London My Home Town                  The Chanteelles, were formed from the embers of The Lana Sisters.  They released some high-energy harmony hits over three years. 

The Life And Soul of The Party                Petula Clark  

 I’ll get By            Kathy Kirby, British pop music’s golden girl in the 60s with her trademark lip gloss look and superb soprano voice.

Till You Say You’ll be Mine            Olivia Newton John – her first recording upon arrival in London in 1966, after claiming a talent quest prize she won three years earlier in Australia (she was just 15 then, and Motherr wouln’t allow her to go off into the big wide world of London until she was 18. 

Surrender Your Love              The Carrolls, a family affair from Liverpool, brothers Michael, leslie, Ronnie and sister Irene … struggled to put out a few singles, then broke up and Irene formed a new identity as singer cum comedienne Faith Brown

 Boys           the first version you heard of this next song was probably by The Shirelles, Then The Beatles covered it, but before that it got a Merseybeat treatment from Jeannie and The Big Guys.

 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow                   Helen Shapiro in Nashville in 1963. working with Grady Martin and The Jordanaires, this was the third and some say the best album she made.

In A Matter Of Moments          Louise Cordet probably should have been a bigger star than she was – a supremely confident, charming, singer who toured with The Beatles and had a string of France-only releases sung in her Mother’s native language.

Such A Small Love              Jackie Trent

You’re The One              Kathy Kirby – had it all, when the sudden death of her mentor and lover Bert Ambrose devavstated her, and her shining career went into a tailspin in the 70s.  She had a disastrous marriage, a bankruptcy hearing and health problems.  She tried to overcome these setback in the 80s and returned to the club scene, but by the 90s she had virtually become a recluse. She died on the 19th of May last year at the age of 73.