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Wayne’s Music January 28 2012.  The pure essence of 50s rock’n’roll!


 That’s The Way I feel             Jimmy Prichett – the singing brickie they called him, he was a construction worker by trade when he cut this master at SUN records in 1958.                  

Lucky Lips                   on the label that Ruth built … well, sort of.  Atlantic started back in 1947 when Ahmet Ertegun saw an opening for a Rhythm and Blues Record Company , so he employed Businessman Herb Abramson to run the Company, and Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd to “create” the studio sound … in a few short years with artists such as Ruth Brown signed up, Atlantic became a hit factory. 

Sugar Bowl Rock                  some New York rock from Chip Fisher, his attempt to link rock’n’roll with American College Football.

Let’s Have A Picnic               Mickey Baker And Sylvia Robinson met on the Manhattan subway, started singing and playing their guitars together, next thing, their recording of “Love Is Strange” is a smash hit.  Here’s the flipside of another one of their hits “Love Is A Treasure”.

 Ubangi Stomp              when Jerry Lee lewis toured the UK in 1962, the audiences called for the “Ubangi Stomp” which appeared on Lewis’s debut album. 

 leave My Woman Alone                  Ray Charles was a key act in the early days of Atlantic records – and it was later in the 50s when his stuff really paid dividends for the label. 

Out Of My Mind                  The Platters  - breaking away from their lavish, lush ballad sound – here’s a wild rock and roll side the group cut in New York in 1958.                     

 French Fried Potatoes and Ketchup                  rollicking piano slugger Amos Milburn usually made all of his recordings in California, but here’s one he made with the Ernie Freeman Combo in New York.                              

 Oh Lonesome Me                   Johnny Cash with The Gene Lowry Singers at a session in 1960.    

 Mr Lee                The Bobbettes, always remember them as the first girl group to have a US Top 10 hit (must have been back in 57)

White Bucks And Saddle Shoes               Bobby Pedrick tapping into the adolescent wardrobe in 1958 … he was in the 7th grade at the time, so he knew what the kids on the block w ere wearing.

Three Little Pigs           Lloyd price singing about sausage rolls?

You Can Do No Wrong                   Carl Perkins with one of his numbers that wasn’t considered fit for release in his heyday, despite the fact that 21 year old Jerry Lee Lewis was guesting on piano.         

 Empty Arms               Ivory Joe Hunter with his classic 1957 hit.                                                    

Trickle Trickle            The Quintette from Queen’s New York called The Videos had a winner in this number about inclement weather, a fashion parade and the plea for a loan of a Cadillac.

Blue Plate Special                another song about food, written by Frank Slay and Bob Crewe  for the explosive Freddy Cannon in 1961.                                                              

Tryin To Get To You           Sam Phillips was visualizing another Johnny Ray when he signed ELVIS PRESLEY up to Sun Records in 1954, but I think even the great crooner Johnny Ray would agree there was never a record like this in his repertoire.  

Jim Dandy                   Laverne Baker , another very substantial contributor to the successful Atlantic Records story.

C C Rider          a stroke of genius using a marimba on a Rhythm and Blues record , and in using the instrument in this arrangement, Chuck Willis gave birth to the dance craze known as The Stroll in 1957.

catfish Boogie             Tennessee Ernie Ford teams up with guitar heroes Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant on this 1953 release.

Wayne’s Music Sunday 29 January 2012.  a smorgasbord of pure essence rock and roll from the 50s.    PART ONE.

Hand Me Down My Walkin’ Cane                 Jerry lee lewis – when he was let loose in a studio, nobody knew what was going to come out – and by 1957 the seeds of his future style began to show on this recording.

Searchin             The Coasters with the biggest selling Rhythm and Blues release of 1957. 

No Vacancy                 Neil Sedaka with a song that came out of his first studio session for RCA in October 1958. 

Gumbo               Johnny Burnette – with a song he wrote and recorded whilst working as a deckhand on the riverboats that sailed up and down the Mississippi … quite a few years before his rockabilly hits happened at the end of the 50s.            

Play Fair With Me                 Gloria Brady with a slinky production, which seemed to be all the rage for songbirds of the day – especially after the Little Willie John classic “Fever” became a hit for Peggy lee.


 Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Cryin’      Ray Charles, one of the major foundation artists for Atlantic Records in the 50s

 Flip, Flop and Fly               The Goofers – a kind of a comedy act from what I can make out


Closest to The Bone            Louis prima with one of his “nudge nudge wink wink” numbers from his days at the Sahara Hotel in las Vegas, where he usually made up verses as he went along. 

Sweethearts Or Strangers      Carl  Perkins taking some of the hokiness out of this old hillbilly number and injecting his brand of rockabilly in 1956.                  

Since I met You baby           Ivory Joe Hunter, was known as the Baron Of The Boogie and “The Happiest man Alive”.  He was certainly one of the great rhythm and blues performers and it’s estimated that he wrote more than 7,000 songs.

One-Sided Love Affair                  Elvis Presley with another of his early joyous numbers – with RCA recording artist Shorty Long belting out the boogie woogie piano break.               

Beachcomber              Jo-Ann Campbell, coy, cute and cuddly who made her presence felt through TV, stage and cinema, and this I think was her seventh and final single for GONE Records in 1959.   

 I’m feelin Sorry            Jerry Lee lewis with one of his efforts that didn’t really see the light of day. 

Got The Water Boiling                  The Regals – the group that became the Orioles to back singer Sonny Til.

Why Baby Why          LaVern Baker with a very solid beat from piano man Mike Stoller on this 1954 outing … and the ever present Cookies, Dorothy Jones, Ethel McRae and Margaret Ross from New York are the backup singers. 

Sunday Barbeque                Tennessee Ernie Ford projecting his home-spun image into the pop scene in 1957.

 Life Goes On               Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two recorded this about the time Cash was leaving Sun records to hook up with Columbia records in Nashville … a very fitting title at such an emotional time, after all Sun records launched the legend.  

Thirty Days                 Clyde McPhatter , as a solo act just after his Army Service in 1959. 

Where’d You Go Last Night          Bill Haley & the Comets with an uptown slant on what started out as a hayseed country song.

Soda Pop Song             Tommy Sands  with one of the songs from his movie “Sing Boy Sing” … back in the days when a slug from a bottle of soda pop would solve all one’s problems. 

Gonna Be Waitin’               Charlie Rich, one of his SUN Records leftover songs which was eventually released on Phillips International in 1960. 

Fools Fall In Love               The Drifters in 1956.      

Hurtin Inside               brook benton  with the uptempo side that started his lenthy legacy on the pop world. 

Boys                       The Shirelles