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Wayne’s Music 21/22 January 2012.  These are a few of my favorite tunes!

. Psychic Reader              Eddie Reader, well known for her work with the band Fairground Attraction, and her enduring solo career. 

  je Ne T’Aime Plus                 some world reggae from international writer and traveler Manu Chao and his mythical group La Mano Negra from his 1998 album “Clandestino”.                              

Say I Love You           Renee Geyer  one of Australia’s finest exponents of jazz, soul and rhythm and blues. 

The Rock Of My Soul    some Americana music from Houston-bred Rodney Crowell.

The Summer Sounds Of Samba              Malcolm McNeill New Zealand's internationally regarded, premier Jazz Singer of Great American Songbook, Contemporary and original songs.           

Billy Be Bad                            The king of the honky tonkers who has lived to tell it all – George Jones.                                  

Talking Guitar Blues            Lonnie Donegan in 1959, regarded as a highbrow “songs of the people folk singer”, pop star and teenage idol.            

Feeling Alright              Joe Cocker’s major hit in 1968

If I Just Knew What To Say            The Amazing Rhythm Aces from the 1976 album “Too Stuffed To Jump”        

You Were Only Fooling While I Was Falling In Love       Patsy Cline – her renditions of popular standards were an important componment of her recording legacy.

Love Letters                           Elvis working his magic with one of the great love songs.

café Ole             Robbie Laven from the Silver And Sleeze collection he and Marion Arts released.

 I Won’t leave You Lonely                 Shania Twain        

The Last Rose Of Summer               John McDermott with an Irish air that dates back to the 16th century. 

 My Telly’s Gone Bung            crowded House – from After Glow …

One Good Reason                   New Zealand sisters doing it for themselves, jenny Morris produced this early release for sister Shanley Del.           


Wayne Music Sunday 22 january 2012.  These are a few of my favourite tunes.    PART ONE. 

 You Can leave Your Hat On               Joe Cocker                    

 I’m Alabamy Bound                        Lonnie Donegan and Van Morrison … Mr Skiffle with Mr Morrison – the voices sound very similar on this old bluesy number – from the Muleskinner Blues CD of 1999. 

Morning                            Glenn Tilbrook               

The Gendarmes Duet                   Rolf and Crom Harris – one of Rolf Harris’s Great moments in his home town, Perth. 

Tacos, Enchilados And Beans                 Doris Day, one of her early recordings, possibly around 1947, but it was unreleased for quite a few years.           

Good Old Kiwi Stock Horse           The Godfather of New Zealand Folk and country music, John Denver Grennell – who has always said horses and music work well for him

 El Farol                      Santana – from a favourite album released at the end of the 90s, “Supernatural” in support of Carlos and Deborah Santana’s non-profit Milagro Foundation dedicated to providing financial a ssistance for educational, medicinal and housing needs for children all over the world.                                 

 Every River                   Maura O’Connell from the well received Walls and Windows collection of 2001.                   

 Bei Mir Bist Du Shein             The Jews Brothers Band – with some Klezmer Music (traditional acoustic dance music)                

 Going Away Party                 Willie Nelson and The Manahattan Transfer ride along with Bob Wills, The King Of Western swing.  Willie used to sing with Mr Wills.                      

 Old Farts In caravan Parks                  John Williamson  - the Aussie Storyteller touching a nerve or two if you’re out there chasing the sun with your caravan                                      

 Who Painted The Moon Black          Hayley Westenra – who created history when her “Pure” CD became the fastest selling classical CD in British History                                          



 Listen, Listen              Sandy denny in 1972 with Richard Thompson playing mandolin, Pat Donaldson on bass, Timi Donald drumming and Sandy herself playing 12 string guitar.     

 I Saved The World Today                 Eurythmics  from the album “Peace”

Why                                   Tony Sheridan with The Beatles – working with producer Bert Kaempfert at Polydor records in Hamburg in 1961. 

So Tired Of Living Alone               Leon Redbone first appeared on stage with his trademark Panama, dark glasses and bowtie in Toronto in the mid 1970s. 

Welcome To The Cabaret                 Christie Moore from Smoke and Strong Whiskey                               

You Don’t Know Me               Camille Te Nahu – Gisborne songer/writer doing very well in Australia and further afield.       

S’Wonderful                          Diana Krall – a s’wonderful, marvelous interpretation of the Gershwin number           

 L’Abitidine (The Habit)                 Andrea Bocelli with Helena from the top selling Tuscan Skies album         

 A Steel Guitar A Glass Of Wine              Paul Anka working with the Ray Ellis orchestra in 1962                                   

 Daphne                          Mahotella Queens and Eddi Reader … the Queens formed up in 1964 and are still together performing today.      

Unbreakable Heart                          Carlene Carter with one of her gorgeous country songs.                   

Moten’s Swing               Manhattan Transfer …As of October last year, The Manhattan Transfer are finishing an album of previously recorded but never finished songs, to honour their 40th anniversary.    

Foolish Heart                Mavericks, on  Music For All occasions

Vide Cor Meum             The Lyndhurst orchestra play music from the soundtrack of the movie Hannibal – the soprano is Danielle De Niese … bruno Lazzaretti is the tenor and the Ensemble Libera is led by Rupert Gregson-Williams.