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Wayne’s Music Saturday 7 January 2012.   Classical Music of the 1940s.

Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Haydn, and others depicted war themes in their masterpieces, and by the 1940s, the composers of those times were writing some of their best compositions while the world was at war. 

Symphony No 1                      Lennox Berkeley.

Warsaw Concerto                      Richard Addinsell …a single-movement piano concerto written for the 1941 film Dangerous Moonlight (also known under the later title Suicide Squadron). It’s played by Cristina Ortiz with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Moshe Atzmon.

Fanfare For The Common Man               Aaron Copland - The piece was written in 1942 for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under conductor Eugene Goossens.    the London Symphony orchestra.     

 Symphony No 8                   Shostakovich's 8th Symphony is one of his greatest, along with the 4th, 5th and 10th. Written during WWII, it is sometimes referred to as "The Stalingrad," though with less cause than the 7th being known as "The Leningrad" -- Shostakovich was indeed in Leningrad when the German siege began, and composed the first three movements of the 7th before being evacuated.  in 1948 the Soviet authorities denounced Shostakovich for producing such a pessimistic work, failing to celebrate the great victory..  Played by The Royal Philharmonic conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy. 

 Suite Francais              Darius Milhaud is to be counted among the modernist composers.  The Philharmonic Symphony orchestra Of new York conducted by the composer Milhaud himself in 1946.

Concerto for cello and Orchestra(the allegro)                         Samuel Barber  completed on 22 November 1945, was the second of his three concertos (the first being his Violin Concerto, his third is the Piano Concerto).  The Saint Louis Symphony orchestra is conducted by Leonard Slatkin.             

Symphony For Strings Opus 13                 malcolm Arnold …Sir Malcolm is the composer of nine magnificent symphonies.

String Quartet in A Minor                William Walton    The String Quartet in A minor, premiered in May 1947, was Walton's most substantial work of the 1940s.

Wayne’s Music Sunday 8 January 2012 .  Classical Music of the 1940s.  PART ONE.

This week on Wayne’s Music, we’re getting out some of the classical pieces written in the 1940s, opening with William Schuman’s single movement Symphony No. 6.  The Seattle Symphony is conducted by Gerard Schwarz.

Symphony No 6                       William Schuman - His single-movement Symphony No. 6 stands as one of his most intense and integrated, its somberness enlivened with intricate rhythms and startling

 Flute Concerto                         Andre Jolivet was Known for his devotion to French culture .. He composed in a wide variety of forms for many different types of ensembles. This is his flute concerto from 1949 played by orchestre de L’association des Concerts Lamoureux. 

Violin Concerto               Samuel Barber - wrote his first musical at the early age of 7 and attempted to write his first opera at the age of 10. .  Here’s the famous Violin Concerto written in 1940, played by Hilary Hahn. 

String Quartet No 2 in F Op 92 (The Allegro)        Sergei Prokofiev along with other Soviet artists, was evacuated from the major cities when the Nazis broke their non-aggression pact and invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.  Prokofiev wrote this string quartet, with themes based on folk tunes, rhythms and textures. 

Concerto For Orchestra           Bela Bartok 

Farewell to Arms                    Gerald Finzi



 We present some of the best known classical pieces, written in the 1940s.

Young Person’s Guide To The orchestra            Benjamin Britten was originally commissioned for an educational documentary film called The Instruments of the Orchestra,

The Allegro Moderato Symphony No .6 in Eb Minor (            Prokofiev with what is often called the “darker twin to the Victorious Symphony No. 5 in Bb major.

Suite For Toy Piano                John Cage            

Sonata For Double Bass And Piano             Paul Hindemith is among the most significant German composers of his time. His early works are in a late romantic idiom, and he later produced expressionist works,  This is his double bass sonata written in 1949.played by Duncan McTier on dble bass and Kathron Sturrock on piano. 

 Four Norwegian Moods                       Igor Stravinsky Four Norwegian Moods began life as a movie score, for a wartime picture called The Commandos Strike at Dawn. The project fell through and Stravinsky was left with a book of Norwegian folk songs from his research into the Norwegian setting.   Played by The Cleveland Orchestra conducted by Riccardo Chailly.