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Wayne's Music 19/20 November 2011.

The singing sirens of the silver screen meet some of the most irresistible records from the Hollywood Bowl of Rock & Roll.

Crazy With You Jeanette Baker and Melvin Moore in 1958, the husband and wife team recording under the names Jeanette and Decky on this spirited little number for the Alladin label.
A Fine Romance The first of our "Bombshells" (interesting word, possibly from the title of a 1933 film starring the tragic Jean Harlow "The Blonde Bombshell" ).
Should I Ever Love Again inspirational 50s gospel vocalist Wynona Carr broke out into a rock and roll session in 1957, and found that the style suited her well.
Rita Texas Blues piano man Floyd Dixon also found that the new rock and roll genre suited him down to the ground on this pressing in 1957.
Blue Pacific Blues here is the real Rita - who made more than 60 movies in her time, this song came from Miss Sadie Thompson in 1953. Rita Hayworth.
No No fats Domino with one of his seldom heard flip sides from 1958.
Don't Stop Loving Me this is a wonderful old number from Eugene Church harmonizing with Jesse Belvin and Brothers Gaynel and Alex Hodge, founder members of The Platters. Return To me Pier Angeli, from Sardinia, a natural screen prescence, who became an international star in over 30 pictures. A much publicized romance with James Dean ended when she married singer Vic Damone in 1954.
Ring A Ling Marcene "Dimples" Jackson sang with The Harris Sisters before she married jazz organist Harold Jackson.
The Mess Around Jennell Hawkins with Richard Berry & The Lockettes, getting together for a studio session in 1958, which was quite common, for different groups to amalgamate for one-off recordings.
Come By Sunday Diana Mary Fluck from Swindon, Wiltshire became the British Marilyn Monroe when she used her grandmother's maiden name of "Dors".
Besame Mucho Richard Berry had just married his high school sweetheart Ray Johnson who supplied the piano part on this 1958 recording of the classic Besame Mucho (translated as "Kiss Me A Lot").
Sunshine Of Love
Etta James at 18 years of age when she cut this record - sounding as though she had already experienced life to its fullest.
Candy more bombshells, this time Lola Albright, a vibrant, underrated and under-recorded singer who became the star of the TV series Peter Gunn from 1958 to 1961.
Hey Sugar Roy Tann, made a string of hot singles in 1957, this was one, written by Jay Milton, a freelance tunesmith whose material usually ended up being recorded by Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin.
Blue Moon
hard to imagine Nat King Cole getting into the BIG BEAT, but he made this cool version of Blue Moon during a string session with arranger Billy May, using the Herman McCoy Boys on backing vocals.
Something To Dream About Mamie Van Doren in 1957, she was discovered by Howard Hughes who put her in a few of his RKO films. Usually, she played the role of the curvaceous bad girl in the tight sweater.
two O'Clock Jump Earl Bostic and his hot combo around 1958 when he settled down in Los Angeles after a great many years touring America.

Wayne's Music Sunday 20 November 2011. PART ONE.

You'll Never, Never Know The Platters, at the beginning with front man Tony Williams and baritone vocalist Paul Robi jointly responsible for writing this classic.
Rockville USA The Turks - with a typical American West Coast sound of the 50s. Tommy Williams and The Hodge Brothers were the mainstays of the group The Turks. J
My Daddy Rocks Me (With One SteadyRoll) the patron saint of the blonde bombshells, Mae West was 61 when she recorded this celebratory song.
Puddin' Pie
The Lockettes - Ledoria Knox, Belle Montgomery and Elaine Brown, three teen angels from South Los Angeles made up the group.
My babe Ricky Nelson .


Oh Honey Gloria Wood, a kind of behind the scenes bombshell, with an incredible four octave vocal range, was with Kay Kyser's band for a while, and is best known for her recording of The Woody Woodpecker Song.

Bertha Lou The Burnette Brothers, Johnny and Dorsey hit the ground running with this track recorded in Los Angeles on the Surf label in 1957.
Pure Love Curtis Lee in his Ricky Nelson sound-alike days at the end of the 50s.
How Am I To Know Ava Gardner, remembered most for her beauty, rather than her whisper of a voice, and of course, her stormy personal life and rocky relationship with Frank Sinatra.
The Beat That Can't Be Beat
Jan and Arnie (Jan Berry and Arnie Ginsberg)- promoting the surfing and hot rod culture of California in the early days.
Somebody Help Me Gene Vincent was once described as having a voice like a starving Rottweiler , but in many ways, that was a distinct advantage during the formative years of rock and roll.
Ballin' The Jack Ann Sothern - a working, versatile actress since her career started in 1927, and 40 years later, she received her oscar Nomination for her final film "The Whales Of August" in 1987.
Move On The Blossoms, who started out as The Dreamers changed their name when they signed up to Capitol.
Whistle Stop Louis Prima - got in on the rock and roll bandwagon with his uptempo band arrangements.
Pour Tout ma Vie Corinne Calvet, the Parisian, was the daughter of the inventor of Pyrex, so she wasn't in the movies for the money, but being extremely photogenic, she was cast as the French Or Italian love interest for many of the leading men, including Burt Lancaster and Jimmy Stewart.
I Miss You The Teen Queens, Bettie and Rosie Collins had jerry leiber and Mike Stoller on the mixing desk for this recording, possibly their last single.
Little Mama Tommy Sands, the rock and roll idol and movie star, also famous for his brief marriage to Nancy Sinatra, recorded this for his 1958 album "Sands Storm".
Love Song From Houseboat( Almost In Your Arms)
Sophia Loren, lit up the screens with her dark looks and expressive movements, and Hollywood just loved her. Teenage Heaven Eddie Cochran being the mouthpiece for his rock and roll generation.
Twinkle In Your Eye Sam Butera and The Witnesses were the backing band for Louis Prima
I Haven't A Thing To Wear Gypsy Rose Lee, from Seattle, who could seduce a crowd with words as she slowly almost disrobed during her days as a stripper, before turning her hand to writing books.
Boogie Woogie Teenage Don Julian and The meadowlarks - Julian usually sang the tear-stained ballads, but he could rock out with the best of them.
Just One Of Those Things The Brooklynn Bambshell Susan Hayward.