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Wayne's Music 11/12 June 2011. Down memory lane.

I'll Remember Cyril Grantham sings with Geraldo's band in 1940, one of the biggest names in music in Britain during the war years.

Whispering an age old song, from one of the mainstays of the music industry from the beginning, the boy/girl duo, but this one is a little different - Nino Temp And April Stevens are brother and sister.
Scatterbrain Carroll Gibbons and His new Mayfair Orchestra often employed singers Anne Lenner and Eric Whitley for recording sessions.
Just Another Broken Heart - here's a rarity, from a collection called Flowers In The Wildwood - women's voices from the earliest days of recorded music in the 1920s. The songs were full of the sweetness of love itself, performed by sisters, daughters, mothers, innocent maids and jezebels. This is the Virginia Trio, The Carter Family, Alvin Pleasant Carter, his wife Sara, and their sister-in-law Maybelle .
An Eighteen Century Drawing Room I've always loved this 1940 pop version of the Mozart Piano Sonata No 3 in C.
The Object Of My Affection here's something from the Sisters Anthology - a celebration of four decades of Singing Sisters. The Boswells.

Don't Fence Me In Bing Crosby with The Andrews Sisters - an American Chart-Topper which Cole Porter wrote in 1934 for an abandoned Musical called Adios Argentina

Sixteen Tons the original by the writer Merle Travis, who recorded it in 1946.
The Sailor With The Navy Blue Eyes Harry Roy with his Royalists taking the vocal.
Oh Boy selection. Here's a wonderful memory for baby boomers who grew up in Britain with those early pop TV shows in the late 50s. producer Jack Good broke all the rules and created "Oh Boy" in 1958.
When Our Dreams Grow Old
from the brink of disaster came a major discovery, Vera Lynn who had been singing with the Ambrose Band since 1937.
We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) The Ink Spots - barely altered their sound from one record to the next, but why mess with a formula that was a sure-fire success? Silver Wings In The Moonlight Anne Shelton, like Vera Lynn, another Forces Sweetheart
sweet And Lovely here's my memory pick of the week - from 1962 when Nino temp selected his colleagues from a pool of musicians (later they were dubbed The Wrecking Crew … Glen Campbell on lead guitar and backing vocals courtesy of Darlene Love and The Blossoms … this was to be Nino tempo and April Stevensfirst release from that 62 session.

Wayne's Music Sunday 12 June 2011 … down memory lane! PART ONE.
What More Can I say
Billy Thorburn had an unusual sounding dance band - with virtuoso piano, and pipe organ - but somehow it proved to be very popular with The british public … the vocalist on this recording is Julie Dawn.
Don't Tell A Lie About me, Dear (And I Won't Tell The Truth About You) It's 1942 and Woody Herman's Band is hitting the high spots
Missouri Waltz The Fontaine Sisters Bea, Geri and Marge had excellent voices they put to use in their brother's band from 1941 to 1945.
Here's A Little Girl Blue Lou barker - Louisa DuPont came out of the Louisianna Jazz scene … she started out with her Husband, Danny Barker's Band in the 30s and 40s. Waltzing In The Clouds the former world champion exhibition ballroom dancer Victor Silvevster, also taught ballroom dancing with his sister Gwen.


There's A Boy Coming Home On leave Flanagan And Allen - the Music Hall Comedy duo with their gentle humour reflecting the experiences of ordinary people through the war years.

I'm beginning To See The Light Joya Sherrill the American Jazz vocalist began her career with Duke Ellington in 1942 when she was 17.
The Last Time I saw paris Tony Martin with the Grammy Award winning song written by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein.
When The Wagon Comes Mrs Lu Barker on a Hollywood recorded track in 1949.
Lonely Am I Rosemary Clooney, one of the great American songbirds who suffered for much of her life from Bipolar Disorder (it was revealed in both of her autobiographies). Any Old Time Merle Travis - stardom and fame only aggravated his demons - he battled stage fright, anxiety and depression - and was hell bent on self destruction - because he couldn't handle success.
hey baby Nino tempo & April Stevens - a class act who laid down some wonderful pop music in the 60s - their run of hits should have been greater than it was.
what a lineup in this pressing by Red Nichols and His Pennies - the late Joe Rushton on bass sax, Bobby Hammack on the ivories, George Van Eps on guitar and Red Nichols on trumpet.
If I had My Way In the 40s with so many men serving abroad, Ivy Benson filled a void created by the lack of male musicians and bandleaders.
That Ain't The Way I Dreamed It Tony Pastor's Big band in 1942 - with his clarinet and alto sax player Johnny McAfee taking the vocal.
I'll Be Seeing You Ambrose with vocalist Rita Shaw
I Don't Believe Them At All the talented and Charismatic June Carter ( later Mrs Johnny cash) introduces her sisters Helen and Anita who recorded this song with Chet Atkins in 1950.
I'm Sorry I made You Cry The Capitol Jazzmen having a serious jam session in Hollywood in 1943.
Together the rich deep baritone of Dick Haymes whose love life overshadowed his singing career - he was married 6 times.
teach me Tonight Peggy, Babette and Cherie - were the De Castro Sisters a latin-flavored trio out of Havana.All The Things You Are Chet Baker.