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Wayne's Music 28/29 May 2011. Fabulous 50s Flips.

Slow Down the other side of Larry William's 1958 "Dizzy Miss Lizzy"
Little Billy Boy
The Dell Vikings. the A side was "What made Maggie Run" but with this jaunty number, this release became a glorious double sider in 1957.

red Sails In The Sunset the B side of Ray Sharpe's Linda Lu
The Worryin' Kind Tommy Sands, the singing idol from 1957, who grew up in Louisianna listening to Hill-Billy music, and soon he was pumping out rockabilly records and he ended up getting lumped in with the Philly teen idols.
I Wonder If I care As Much Everly brothers on the flip side of Bye Bye Love
Lonesome For A Letter Sanford Clark with his 1958 release which has embedded itself in the rockabilly hall of fame.
Rockin' Shoes believe it or not this was the B-side of the Ames brothers monster hit Tammy, and I suppose the close harmony quartet had to have a go at rock and roll to stay with the changing tide in 1958.
My Little Baby Rose Maddox - or The Maddox Brothers and Sister Rose as they billed themselves until Rose pursued a solo career.
Miss Ann Little Richard howling his way to fame in 1957 - this was on the flip side of his hit "Jenny Jenny" Cha-Kow-Ski The Pets - a group of west coast American session musicians (Plas Johnson, Rene Hall, Earl Palmer et al) with the flip side of their hit Cha-Hua-Hua
Gonna Type A letter here's one of those British pop idols plucked from a suburban home and thrust into the public eye by impresarios such as Larry Parnes who became the first mogul of pop music and made a fortune out of these troupes of young men - who had names like Marty Wilde, Vince Eager, Johnny Gentle, Duffy Power, and one of the biggest of them all, Ronnie Wycherley became Billy Fury. Cincinatti Fireball This song was possibly rejected by Elvis Presley - it was then submitted to Liberty records hot shot producer Snuff Garrett who placed it on the flip-side of Johnny Burnette's breakthrough hit "dreamin".
When I Found You Jerry Reed came from the Cotton mills of Atlanta, worked his way up through the honky tonks to become one of the finest session guitarists in Nashville. Did You Cry Dicky Doo and The Don'ts.
Little Queenie the poet of Rhythm and Blues CHUCK BERRY had an enormous impact on the British Music scene - his flip sides are possibly better known than some artists A-sides.
People Gotta Talk Joe Brown was another Larry Parnes discovery, and Brown claims he worked every day for three years without a break when his mother collared Parnes for a few days off for her son who was having a complete breakdown.
Before I Grow Too Old fats Domino with one of his not so well known songs, but it became a double sider with "Tell me That You Love Me".
jeopardy , Jean Shepard had one of the biggest hits of the Korean War era with ferlin Huskey - the famous Dear John letter - it became the first post-World War II record by a woman country artist to sell more than a million copies. Over And Over Bobby Day was one of the best on medium temp shuffle numbers, and by and large he stuck to them. This is the B-side to Rockin Robin he recorded with The Hollywood Flames in 1958.
Bouncing Around Bob Cort band featuring ken Sykora on guitar.

Wayne's Music Sunday 29 May 2011. PART ONE

Troubles, Troubles Clarence Frogman Henry with Troubles, on the B-side of "Ain't Got No Home" in 1956.
I Can't Go On Rosalie Dion and The belmonts with what was supposed to be an A side, but for some reason some of the Disk Jockey's (who had a lot of say what was played in those days) preffered the song "No One Knows - the A side.
Playin The Field a rough, but punchy demo recorded by Tommy Sands and included in the very best of Sands' Rock And Roll.
What'cha Gonna Do The Kuf-Linx big hit was first issued on Challenge in December of 1957.
Living's Loving You one of the pretty boy teen idols of the 50s Robin Luke who was 16 when he recorded a song for his then 5-year old sister "Susie". this was the song recorded as the top side, but record executives got to hear Susie Darlin first.
Ooh La la Frankie Avalon's arranger Peter De Angelis said that he had to "forget everything he ever knew about music in order to write this simple stuff to get Frankie Avalon and Fabian into the pop charts.


Am I Asking Too Much The String-alongs - a Texas band produced by Norman Petty, who also gave Buddy Holly his hit-making sound.
Sweetheart Please Don't Go I vaguely remember the Gladiolas having a rhumba-rhythm hit called "Little Darlin'" but the spoof version by The Diamonds seemed to hog the airwaves. Anyway the flip side of The Gladiolas version "Sweetheart Please Don't Go" was just the beginning of bigger things to come when the group changed its name to Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs and promptly hit the top with stay.
Johnny Gentle - another one hit wonder created by impresario in Britain Larry Parnes
So Little Time Peter Sellers brilliant parody of The Larry Parnes entrepreneur business in the 50s in Britiain.
Love Is A Swingin' Thing The Shirelles with King Curtis Love Me As I Love You Dave "Baby" Cortez - the mere mention of his name brings organ instrumentals to mind, but he started out as a doo-wop singer in the groups The Pearls and The Valentines.
Beverly Jean Curtis Lee with the Flip Side on his hit "Under The Moon Of Love". 21 year old Phil Spector, gets to show off his production skills on this one
Society Rock even one of Britain's leading Ballroom orchestra leaders Victor Sylvester couldn't resist the lure of rock and roll
Baby She's Gone Terry Dene - one of britain's pioneer rock stars who was discovered (as many were) at the 2I's coffee bar in Soho London
Have A Happy Lan ding the other side of the Miracles BIG Hit "You've Really Got A Hold On me" - the first successful group for Berry Gordy's Motown Company.
Fabulous Charlie Gracie, was one of Philadelphia's earliest rock stars - he was on Bandstand way before Dick Clark became the host of the show.
I Was The One the B-side of Heartbreak Hotel … hardly ever heard these days.
This Should Go On Forever Vince Eager - another from the British Pop idol stable of Larry Parnes who in later years has said he never received a penny of the royalties to which he was entitled.
I Can't Dance Faron Young, stuck to his 50s costumes and haircut and the style of music which made him famous in the 50s. he remained a honky tonker in sound and personal style until his death in 1996.
Come My Little Baby The Chantels - on the flipside of the hit "Maybe".
Taking Care Of Business Titus Turner - kind of reminds me of Lloyd Price.
Red Sails In The Sunset Hollywood actor cum singer TAB HUNTER certainly epitomizes the pretty boy teen idol genre of the 50s. This was the B side of his biggest hit "Young Love" in 1957.
Shortnin' Bread The Viscounts, actually a trio drawn from members of Morton Fraser's Harmonica Gang which enjoyed popularity on TV and recorded Rockin Little Angel (a big hit in Australasia in the bad old days.
Before I Grow Too Old
fats Domino - with a double sider "Tell me That You Love Me" - both lesser hits although they did make the charts right at the beginning of the sixties.
One O'Clock Jump Chuck berry would often lay down an instrumental track for a B side or an album track … here's a good example.