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Wayne's Music 21/22 May 2011. from the best of times and the worst of times The 1930s.

Got A Bran' New Suit this came from a Broadway Show called "At Home Abroad" and despite a strong cast, it was surprising that it didn't run for longer than its 198 performances. The natural genius of Fats Waller turned this song from the show into a hit record in 1935.
I saw Stars Freddy Martin's Band with singer Elmer Feldkamp who was also the saxophonist in his band.
It's A Sin To tell A Lie The Street Singer Arthur Tracy.
Darling, je Vous Aime Beaucoup because of this theme song I always thought the singer was French - but the cabaret performer who was extremely popular in England, France and America in the 30s came from Milwaukee. Hildegarde.
The Big Rock Candy Mountain our own Robert Lane from Nelson is billed as Robert "Tex" Morton. Well he did make recordings as early as 1934, and by the time The Big Rock Candy Mountain was released Tex would have been about 23 years of age.
Why Stars Come Out At Night Ray Noble played the piano but seldom did so with his orchestra.
A Shanty In Old Shanty Town the wonderful 30s God Bless 'em. Belle Baker was a superstar back then, alas is little remembered today
Too Bad Rita Carr sings with Lou Praeger's Band.
her Bathing Suit never Got Wet the Rhumba King in Britain Edmundo started out in music playing the Euphonium.
Back To Those Happy days Leslie Hutchinson sings and plays his own piano.
Carelessly Billie Holiday's star was on the rise in the 30s as she laid her claim to immortality through dozens of brilliant recordings with groups of gifted jazzmen led by pianist Teddy Wilson.
Blue Moon Bing Crosby's brother Bob is better known as a band leader, but he acquit himself ably in the vocal department.
My Kid's A Crooner Elsie Carlisle was the perky singer with The Ambrose band before she branched out into a solo career
Ten Little Miles From Town Carroll Gibbons and The Savoy Orpheans
yes, There Ain't No Moonlight Tonight Archie Berdahl sings with Tommy Tucker's band.
South American way Carmen Miranda - another glorious entertainer in the 30s.
The Lady is A Tramp from one red hot mama to another - this is Sophie Tucker in 1937.
La Golondrina The Spanish lyrics of La Golondrina (The Swallow) use the image of a migrating swallow to envoke sentiments of longing for one's homeland.

Wayne's Music Sunday 22 May 2011 … PART ONE.

That's Why I'm Happy Helen kane, the boop-Boop-a-doop girl symbolizing the Flapper era was at the height of her fame when she recorded "That's Why I'm happy".
All Of me Louis Armstrong - the 1932 rendition with that sense of joy and optimism he seemed to bring to every note despite the depressions bite.
When love Comes swinging Around The Ambassador Of Song - Al Bowlly went to America with Ray Noble's band in 1934, and before performing on radio or record, the astute Victor Young rushed him into a studio for two sessions. Robins And Roses Dolly Dawn was one of the first vocalists to become the sole focus of a band, at a time when bands and musicians were still the main draw.
Until we meet Again The Joe Loss orchestra.


Who Tommy Dorsey orchestra in its heyday with that Hammerstein/Kern composition.

All I Do is Dream Of You Freddy Martin's hot band with vocalist Elmer Feldcamp with the song originally written for the film "Sadie McKee" in 1934.
Jeepers Creepers Al Donahue was considered a society bandleader when he hit with Jeeprs Creepers in 1938, but he migrated into swing territory soon afterwards.
My Blue Heaven Jimmy Lunceford's Band.
Love Is In the Air Tonight a regular on air crooner in the 30s, and I think he was groomed up for the lead part in the movie "The Crooner" but DICK POWELL didn't get the part - that went to a singer called David Manners.
Swing Me A Lullaby Connee Boswell, the driving force and the arranger for the best of the close harmony girl singing groups, The Boswell Sisters, and she had an equally impressive solo career, despite being confined to a wheelchair through polio.
T'Aint What You Do Nat Gonella with 0ne of THE songs that appeared at the end of the 30s
OK Toots Dolly Dawn sings with george Hall's Band
Did You Ever See A Dream Walking Bing sings with the Lennie Hayton band
Please Believe Me Jimmy Miller sings with Ennis Parkes, otherwise known as Mrs Jack Hylton's Band in 1936.
So Rare George Melachrino sings with The Savoy orpheans directed by that man from Massachusetts with one of the most delightful, distinctive rhythmic piano styles of all bandleaders.
What A Little Moonlight Can Do Teddy Wilson before he hooked up with Benny Goodman, played on a series of small group dates with a then unknown vocalist, the 20 year old Billie Holiday
Doin' The New Low Down a wonderful old tune to reminisce about the Golden Age of Dance Music …this one comes from Music Maestro Please - featuring Ellis Jackson singing with Billy Cotton's Band.
You're A sweetheart here's that impish vocalist Dolly Dawn, with George Hall's band at The Grill Room at New York's Taft Hotel from which they broadcast regularly.
When The red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along Whispering Jack Smith, ranked as one of the best of the baritones by those who came later
Alabama Song by the woman made famous in "Mac The Knife" … Lotte Lenya.