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Wayne's Music 7/8 May 2011. More from the early British Hit Parades in the 50s.

When Rock And Roll Came To Trinidad a novelty calypso number hardly ever heard these days, from writer Marvin Fisher who also wrote Eartha Kitt's signature hit "Just An Old Fashioned Girl". This was a medium sized hit for Nat King Cole.

You Me And Us Alma Cogan with a number based on a Mexican folk tune called "Cielito Lindo'
I'm left, You're Right, She's Gone Elvis making his presence felt on the British Hit Parade - he had seven different songs on the chart throughout 1958.
La Plume De Ma Tante Hugo and Luigi version that made the charts.
Midnight Shift a very early recording Buddy Holly made in Nashville two weeks after Elvis Presley recorded "Heartbreak Hotel"
Green back Dollar The Charles McDevitt Skiffle Group featuring Nancy Whiskey with the British cover of the Kingston Trio's enormous hit
The Garden Of Eden Joe Valino with the original version of one of the years most covered songs in 1957
Happy Guitar Tommy Steele, Britain's top rocker in the 50s, but his 1958 hits were anything but rock and roll numbers
A very precious Love Doris Day with her first hit of 1958 written for the movie "Marjorie Morningstar"
I Love To Play My Ukulele Max Bygraves who once said he built his whole career on old songs and bad jokes
Living Doll Cliff Richard & the Drifters from the movie "Serious Charge" although the film version and the Hit Parade version were so different
In The Middle Of A dark Dark Night Guy Mitchell with one of his lowest placings on the UK Chart.
Mangos this was Rosemary Clooney's farewell to the British Hit Parade
Buona Sera despite his popularity in Las Vegas in later years, it's hard to fathom why Louis prima's recordings didn't fare all that well on the UK charts
My Happiness Connie Francis personalized so many old songs (many suggested by her Father).
Remember When The Platters
San Miguel Lonnie Donegan with his sixth single of 1959 - looking once again to the Kingston Trio for suitable source of material.
Start Movin In My Direction Sal Mineo the Hollywood actor launched into a pop career in 1957
Let's Rock And Roll Rock and roll had its grip on many entertainers throughout the fifties - including everybodies favourite PARTY pianist Winifred Atwell

Wayne's Music Sunday 8 May 2011 … 50s British Hit Parade. PART ONE

Early To bed Karen Topinka, LaVerne Noval and Toni Cistone called themselves The Pony-Tails.
Nobody Loves Like An Irishman Lonnie Donegan emerged from Chris Barber's jazz band in 1954 and almost single-handedly started the "skiffle craze"

A Big Hunk O' Love possibly the loudest single issued in the UK by Elvis Presley came from a session in Nashville in 1958 when Private Presley was home on a weekend pass - and he charged into the session
You You Romeo a b-side from Shirley Bassey that somehow made the charts in 1957
Red Light Green Light American singer/songwriter Mitchel Torok with the Tulane Sisters


Venus if you're going to have a pop standard, why not make it a BIG one - which is what Frankie Avalon's producer Peter De Angelis did with this 1959 production.
If Only I Could Live My Life Again jane Morgan with a song conceived by a French team led by Gilbert Becaud.
Witchcraft Frank Sinatra only had two hits in 1958, but what a monster this one was.

Morgan a number with religious overtones, and Yugoslavian performer IVO ROBIC gave it the full bel canto treatment.
Any Old Iron Peter Sellers and Mates Spoffle group featuring Fred Spoons - the parody of the skiffle scene with Sellers in his Goon Show character Willam Mate Cobblers.
Freight Train and here's some real dinkum skiffle - one of the biggest hits of the era when nancy Whiskey teamed up with The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group and recorded the song by folk/blues singer Elizabeth Cotten
Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I Elvis with his reinvention of the 1952 song recorded while he was on leave from the Army
Good Golly Miss Molly Little Richard's 10th UK hit - regarded as a classic of the rock and roll era
Just A Little Too Much Ricky Nelson
Tell me That You Love Me Paul Anka must have been the highest paid 15 year old in the world in 1957 with several top ten hits on both sides of the Atlantic
Rock The Joint Bill haley with another one of his numbers that ushered in a musical revolution that was unstoppable.
I've Waited So Long
Anthony Newley was hired to play Jeep Jackson in the rock movie of 59 "Idle On parade"

Baby Lover Petula Clark's only hit in 1958 in a seven week run

Sal's Got A Sugar Lip Lonnie Donegan with his skiffle band
Call Rosie On the Phone Guy Mitchell a regular chart topper on the british Listings in the 50s.
Don't You Rock me Daddy'O Vipers Skiffle Group
The All American Boy Bill Parsons - aka Bobby Bare. Nairobi Tommy Steele with the song that Guy Mitchell rejected even though it was penned by his main songwriter Bob Merrill.
Mona Lisa Conway twitty with his idea to jazz up the Nat King Cole Hit
Midnight Flyer Nat King Colegetting back into that youthful cocktail groove he was so good at.