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Wayne's Music 5/6 March 2011. The crooners rock!!

two Hearts,Two Kisses Frank Sinatra's cover version of Otis and The Charms 1955 hit.

Old Enough To Know Britain's leading girl group in the 50s, an almost constant fixture of British stage and television for over fifty years, this was NOT one of their chart hits when they decided to "rock" it up in 1955.
Just Kiss Me Dean Martin's attempt at "keeping up" with the trend, but even with a string of hits to his name, he couldn't do anything about this one being a complete flop. Rock A Boogie baby Diana Decker was known for her one hit wonder, the children's novelty Poppa Piccolino in 1953, and a few years later she decided to go out with a bang when she recorded this rock and roll number, her final release after a brief recording career.
jacques d'Iraque here's one I haven't heard before from Sammy Davis Junior, when he was the star of Broadway's Mr Wonderful.
A teenager In Love Dickie Valentine topped popularity polls and had legions of female fans, and for some reason to cash in on the rock and roll craze he launched his rock and roll party medley at Christmas time in 1956, which he later said he regretted. A good example of a crooner who should have stuck to his knitting.
Close Your Eyes Tony Bennett doing rock and roll?
Where In The World Is Billy? Eve Boswell, former vocalist with geraldo's orchestra , went solo in 1950 and became known as The Sugarbush Girl after her hit record in 1952.
Rock And Roll Express Vaughn Monroe was both bandleader and singer, with such great signature songs as Ghost Riders In The Sky and Dance Ballerina Dance.
Walkin After Midnight he's now Sir Jimmy Young, the radio DJ wjo hosted Housewives Choice, but in his early days he was a pop star.
Honolulu Rock And Roll Orson Wells called her the most exciting woman in the world - admittedly, that was back in 1950 when Eartha Kitt started her recording career.
Baby Baby Wait For Me In the 50s Peggy Lee was having a bit of a lull in her career after so much success as a soloist in the 40s, even with critically acclaimed LP's, Capitol Records were pushing her towards the singles charts.
Hearts Of Stone Tony brent - with one of the first rhythm and blues pop crossover hits, but it didn't make the same impact that the Fontaine Sisters version did.
Love Me To Pieces the girl next door, Joan regan had that 50s brand of homely glamour.
Send For me Nat King Cole - was this the closest he came to rock and roll?
I Need Somebody Lita Roza was once Ted Heath's featured vocalist, with a handful of solo hits throughout the fifties, that haunted her forever, such as How Much is That Doggie In The Window.

Wayne's Music Sunday 6 March 2011. the crooners rock. PART ONE.

The Only man On The Island Like Sinatra, Martin, Bennett and Como, Vic Damone came from the Italian-American crooning tradition, and had enjoyed success since 1947 with his semi-operatic love songs.
Fibbin Petula Clark - well we know that she can rock with the best of them, and this jivin' little number from 1958 was possibly her last until the big pop numbers happened in 1961.
TennesseeRock'n'Roll Billy Eckstein breaking away from his jazz roots and ballad singing.
Have Guitar Will travel Matt Monroe - a struggling young ballad singer when he decided to have a crack at uptempo stuff, but later he returned to what the record-buying public wanted.
I Got A Sweetie Jo Stafford re-worked this Ray Charles song, for a change of image, but it didn't chart anywhere.


Ko Ko Mo Louis Armstrong And Gary Crosby - well we know Der Bingle (Gary's dad) didn't sing rock and roll, but that didn't stop son Gary rockin on … in this case with one of Father Bing's early inspirations, the one and only Louis Armstrong.
Everybody's Buddy Britain's Atomic Bomb Billie Anthony who had a brief but colourful career for almost a decade with some very credible rock and roll discs.
Teenage Meeting Don Cornell at one time was a singer with Sammy Kaye's Big band in the 40s, he swung into a solo career in the 50s, and I'm assuming that this song (co written incidentally by the man who coined the phrase "rock and roll", Alan Freed ) that it was Cornell's attempt as a 35 year old to capture the new youth market.
I'm In Love Again the top British star of the 50s was the girl with the giggle in her voice Alma Cogan.
Rock-a Billy the late Mitch Miller didn't much care for rock music, but it didn't stop him and his artists having hits in the rock vein. In fact his 1950s records paved the way for it. Miller had a string of upbebat, catchy, repetitive hits like this with Guy Mitchell.
Flip, Flop, Fly Johnnie Ray - another link between the crooners and the tock and rollers - he was a singing idol in the early 50s with his overwrought emotional delivery, and although he paved the way for stars like Elvis Presley and others he soon found himself pushed out of the charts by the new brigade.
precious Love Dorothy Squires - the original Welsh diva who started out with Billy Reid's Accordian Band in 1936.
Lovin Up A Storm Frankie Laine was another one of Mitch Miller's "Big Three" male vocalists along with Guy Mitchell and Johnnie Ray - like his label mates, Frankie wanted to try rock and roll and in 1958 "Lovin Up A Storm proved why he was dubbed Mr Rhythm.
There's Never Been A Night Shirley Bassey's fabulous career was launched at the height of the rock and roll's birth in 1956, fifty five years later, she's still got a way with a song.
Girls Girls Girls Steve Lawrence - not exactly a threat to the Kings of rock and roll in his day (and theirs) but Lawrence could take on the lot, ballads, duets, rhrythm and blues.
The Old Oaken Bucket Tommy Sands with his only entry on the British charts four weeks before he became Frank Sinatra's son-in-law.
Banjo Boy this came on the charts in the middle of 1960 for the 1930s star George Formby.
If She Could Come To You the boy from Hackney became an unlikely pop star - ANTHONY NEWLEY was a child actor, and finished up in films and making a host of passable popular records in the 50s and 60s.
Dirty, Dirty Feeling you might remember when the album Elvis is Back came out in 1960 - designed to see if the King could still cut the mustard after his army stint.
That's You Nat King Cole working at the end of 1958 in new York with Nelson Riddle's Orchestra.
Mama Connie Francis sings Italian Favourites - oh yes, MGM worked hard to establish their flagship femme in the 33 and a third department, and when she walked onto the Perry Como TV show and sang Mama, that performance turned out to be one of Connie's finest moments.
paper Roses Maureen Evans taking some of the shine off Anita Bryant's release in the UK.
Goodnight Sweet Prince Mr Acker Bilk with a one off number which was promoted as a pop single,and a minor hit was the result.