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Wayne's Music 5/6 February 2011. Hit Dances.

Harlem Shuffle Bob And Earl when both were members of The Hollywood Flames in 1957.
The Loco-Motion arguably one of the great dance tunes from the sixties .
The Baby Elephant Walk Henry Mancini's wonderfully evocative tune portraying the plodding, yet exuberant energy of the motion of an elephant.
The Continental Walk Al Wilson leading the San bernadino Quintette The Rollers in the 1961 dance craze, The Continental Walk.
The Bossa Nova Eadie Gorme - the Brill Building Sounds meets Brazilian Dance Music in 1963, and soon the world is doing "the dance of love".
The Boston Monkey feet together, knees bent, body bent from waist, hands in front, palms down, movement - hips to the left, hips to the right, okay you've got it The Boston Monkey with Otis redding.
Hippy Hippy Shake Chan Romero, an early latino rocker, who bombed out with his song until The Swinging Blue jeans had an international hit with it, note for note.
The Bristol Stomp was written about teenagers who were dancing a new step called "the Stomp" .
The Bunny Hop created at Balboa High School of San Francisco in 1952.
The Nitty Gritty Shirley Ellis, recorded under the name Shirley Elliston on this dance number in 1963.
Egyptian Reggae punk man Jonathon Richman and The Modern Lovers.
Hanky Panky Tommy james and The Shondells with a sort of a fill in song Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich wrote in 20 minutes in a corridor outside the recording studio.
The Continental a remake of the Carioca - the Continental was the first dance song to win an Oscar - Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the Gay Divorcee in 1934 danced for 17 minutes. Here's Maureen McGovern's pop version from 1976.
The Shag (is Totally Cool) Billy Graves was a country vocalist of no particular distinction, who happened to be in the right place at the right time when Fred Foster of Monument records needed a vocalist to cut what he considered a potential hit.
Limbo Rock how many original dance numbers did Chubby Checker come up with, and how many have you danced to in your lifetime?
The Stroll The Diamonds with a dance which was very important in the 50s.

Wayne's Music Sunday 6 February 2011. Hit Dances.

The Twist it was so easy to do. Instructions for doing the twist were enclosed with every record sold advising "imagine you're stubbing out a cigarette with both feet whilst drying your back with a towel … which pretty much sums it up.
The Blue Beat Dinah Lee - our own Queen Of The Mods with arguably the record that established her career.
The Madison Al Brown's Tunetoppers - an ex-coal miner who hit the big time briefly in 1960 with his one and only dance hit.
The Duck Jackie Lee, although he also sustained a parallel career as Earl Nelson, one half of Bob and Earl who gave the world the Harlem Shuffle.
Pata Pata Miriam Makeba - · Pata Pata" is a rhythmic, South African dance that can be performed either sitting or standing, though it is usually done while seated.


The Hully Gully The Olympics had a big hit with "Western Movies", and this follow up was no where near as successful as their 1958 release, but the Hully Gully became an influential dance, the title of which was incorporated into the lyrics of many other songs.
Cool Jerk The Capitols
Cha Cha Cha D'Amour Dino Martin cashing in on the Cha Cha craze in his own inimitable way.
C'Mon And Swim Bobby Freeman - San Francisco's first rock star when he wrote and recorded do you want to dance in 1958.
The Monkey Time Major lance owed much of his success to his association with Curtis Mayfield, whose backing provided the perfect showcase for Lance's sinewy vocals … remember The Monkey Time from 1963?
Tango Forget your mild-mannered ballroom-dancing for a moment - Tango is real roots music, sometimes sleazy, sometimes elegant, but always sensuous, rhythmic and passionate.
Ride Your Pony Lee Dorsey made records on the side, his real business was running his thriving panel beating yard in New Orleans.
Willie And The hand Jive Johnnie Otis was 37 when he recorded this teen dance tune in 1958.
Rhumba this is the original 1944 sound of Edmundo Ros's Rhumba band .
Hitch Hiker Russell Byrd, the pseudonym for the colourful, clever prodcer of the early 60s, Bert Berns.
Walking The Dog Rufus Thomas, a Memphis Radio and Recording personality who originally released The Dog, but the follow up became much more successful than its predecessor … here is Walking The Dog.
The lambada recorded by the French pop group Kaoma with the Brazilian vocalist Loalwa Braz.
Peppermint twist Joey dee and Starlighters, Houseband at the peppermint Lounge a mob-owned club on West 45th Street in New York.
Mashed Potatoes Steve Alaimo with a remake of the song Nat Kendrick recorded in 1960.
The Dipsy Doodle A Dance Craze in the mid 1930s was The Dipsy Doodle, performed here by The Milt Herth Trio.
Monster mash Bobby Boris Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers cashed on the Mashed Potato and came up with The Monster mash.
Tea For two Cha Cha Tommy Dorsey.