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Wayne's Music 20/21 November 2010. The Jazz Age.

The Buzzard Bud Freeman, the Chicago tenor sax stylist played both clarinet and tenor in this combo which showcases the casual trumpet mastery of Bunny Berigan.

I Travel Alone Noel Coward, The Master with a one off in 1934, it wasn't written for any particular revue, and it could almost be autobiographical. The pianist is Carroll Gibbons. Trailer For The Film keep Your Seats Please This is how George Formby trailered his movies in the 1930s Somebody Else Is Taking My Place Benny Goodman when Peggy Lee was singing with his band.
Finishing Up A Date Billy Kyle who was influenced by Earl Hines and Teddy Wilson, in fact he replaced Hines in Louis Armstrong's All Stars in 1953.
When Love Comes Swinging Around Vic Young's orchestra with singer Al Bowlly, one of the most recorded of all the dance band singers.
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise Bob Crosby with his souped up Dixie sound in 1939, with the fabulous Ray Bauduc driving the rhythm with his drums.
Stardust this still has to be one of my favourite versions of Hoagy Carmichael's Stardust - by Englishman Freddy Gardner and his smooth saxophone in 1939.
Rock It For Me the Rockin Chair Lady who was singing about "rock" a long time before rock and roll music actually came on the scene - Mildred Bailey recorded this with her orchestra in New York in 1938, five years after she left The Paul Whiteman band.
Blue Jazz lew Stone, who for many years was one of the strongest and most thoughtful influences on popular music in Britain.
Looking On The Bright Side Turner Layton and Clarence Johnstone, the elegant duo, until Johnstone eloped to the USA with the wife of violinist Albert Sandler.
Sister Kate Muggsy Spanier, was forced to leave the Ted lewis band when health problems set in late 30s … after being hospitalized for some time he got back into music by forming his ragtime band.
Skirts Billie Cotton with one of the best band singers in Britian in the 30s, Sam Browne.
Sump'n'Bout Rhythm Duke Ellington with his hot sound in 1934.
let's Dance At The make believe Ballroom Joe Loss on this archival recording digitally enhanced.
The Big Eight Blues one of the mainstays of the New York jazz scene in the 20s, Jack Teagarden established the trombone as a popular solo instrument.

Wayne's Music 21 November 2010 … The JAZZ AGE. PART ONE.

Sweet Lorraine Artie Shaw in 1936 (with strings) - which he always felt was the ideal backdrop for his poised clarinet playing on a pretty theme like Sweet Lorraine.

RoseRoomJimmie Lunceford who at one time had the most exciting big band of all time (according to writer and musician george T Simon).
The Japanese Sandman British Sax man Freddy Gardner in 1938, one of the most popular instrumentalists in the 30s and 40s, he most certainly would have prospered as a name musician in the LP era had not fate intervened. He had a stroke and died at 49 in July 1950.;
Dark Town Strutters ball .


The Jeep is Jumpin' Johnny Hodges band in 1938 - the one they called the Lily Pons of the saxophone, the peerless stylist who adorned the Duke Ellington sax section for several decades.

Humoresque Art Tatum.
I Saw Stars Leslie Hutchinson , the West Indian who studied for a law degree in New York, moved to Paris then to London as a singer/pianist, becoming a stalwart of the cabaret scene, and moved in high social circles, mingling with ease among nobility and fraternizing with Royalty. The Very Thought Of You - one of the great songs written by Ray Noble himself. Has anyone sung it better than Noble's favourite front man Al Bowlly?
Them There Eyes Django Reinhardt & The Quintette Of The Hot Club Of France with Stephane Grappelli.
Georgia On My Mind Mildred Bailey imparting her own winsome sweetness to Hoagy Carmichael's signature song I hate Myself Tiny Winters, the string bass player with the Lew Stone band.
I Wish I Were Twins This is Coleman Hawkins when he was rampaging around Europe in the 30s …
Northwest Passage The Band That Played The Blues - although this is one of Woody Herman's more up-tempo numbers. "the boy wonder of the clarinet".
Sweet Sixteen And Never Been Kissed a studio band called the Blue Mountaineers, moonlighting from Ambrose's orchestra, directed by Joe Brannelly in this 1932 recording. Crying My Heart Out Over You Joe Loss - put his heart and soul into every number, Anne Lenner is the vocalist on this fine rendition of the old song.
If This Is Only The Beginning how about some sweet Rhythm now from Billy Ternent and his band with vocalist Sam browne.
Swing It george medley Beryl Ingham, a former clog dancer, changed George Formby's life when they fell in love and were married in 1924, much to George's Mother's dismay.
Southern Sunset The virtuoso soprano saxophonist Sidney Bechet , who could not read music, was an unlikely sideman for Noble Sissle's orchestra catering for "society" audiences, but he did a wonderful job on Southern Sunset with Sissle's Swingsters in 1938.
You've Got That look hard to imagine Marlene Dietrich as the blonde saloon bar girl in the western "destry Rides Again' with james Stewart as the new Sherriff who came to clean up the town, without using his gun.
farewell Blues Joe Venuti- Eddie Lang and the All Star Orchestra<