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Wayne's Music 14/15 August 2010. Those 60s albums.

Wayne Mowat getting out those 60s albums you still have, but hardly ever listen to now.

Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight The Beatles from Abbey Road. The Group held together for this ambitious effort, and it became their best-seller.
Come All Ye Fairport Convention from the fourth album, a watershed for British Folk-Rock.
Sunday Morning The Velvet Underground And Nico (the German singer with whom the band collaborated).
In The Ghetto from Elvis when he came "home" to record in January 1969.
I'm Only Sleeping from the Beatles 7th album, of 66 which arrived in the music stores 8 months after "Rubber Soul" the longest gap between Beatles albums in those times. Down On the Corner Creedence Clearwater Revival in the full flush of success with the fourth album in late 1969. Tombstone Blues a favourite from Highway 61 revisited. Soul Kitchen The Doors on the first album with a tribute song to the restaurant called Olivia's on Venice Beach where Jim Morrison ate, because it reminded him of home and the food warmed his "soul".
God Only Knows Pet Sounds was the album that Brian Wilson made 'to beat the Beatles At their own game"
All Along The Watch Tower Jimi Hendrix left his native America at 23 to offer his genius to the British who made him the most painted, postered, photographed, decorated and dressed rock star on the planet in the 60s. Basically, he played the blues but added to it.
Fixing A Hole Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band, and pop experts will know that sessions for the song was at Regent Sound Studio in London on 9 February 1967 in three takes. Regent was used because Abbey Road was not available that night. This was the first time the Beatles used a studio other than Abbey Road for recording a track for an EMI album.
Just A Little Lovin Dusty In Memphis - another 60s landmark album, the sessions were recorded by the Atlantic A team with Jerry Wexler, Tom Dowd and Arif mardin in the Producers booth.
The Stranger Song songs of Leonard Cohen …1967, the debut album from the Canadian musician, his lonely and emotional songs all part and parcel of the singer/songwriter movement.

Sunday 15 August 2010.

The Village Green preservation Society The Kinks - with the Ray Davies plea for British society to hold firm to the qualities which had made it great amidst the turbulence of the late 60s.
You Can't Always get What You Want let It Bleed - The Rolling Stones - the eighth album and the last featuring Brian Jones .
Care Of cell 44 The Zombies from odessey & Oracle and the lost album. Like much of the 60s music, Tom petty once said "if you were not there to hear it when it first appeared, it's difficult to imagine the extremes of its magic". Like him, when I first heard the Zombie's "She's Not There" on the radio, it put a spell on me.
The Word The Beatles from the 6th studio album, often cited as one of the greatest in pop music history. The first Beatles album to have songs composed only by The Beatles themselves …using instruments outside the usual parameters … sitars, harpsichord-sounding pianos, fuzz bass, and different recording techniques. The Rubber Soul cover was the first by The Beatles to not have the groups name on it, just the distinctive Rubber Soul lettering created by Charles Front.
Ramble On
I tend to think of Led Zep 2 as the album that succeeded in raising rock'n'roll excess to an art form.
'Cello Song a 60s favourite from Nick Drake's "Five Leaves Left" the first of three albums.
I Never Loved A man The Way I Love You Aretha Franklin's first recordings for Atlantic appeared in 1967 and established Aretha as a superstar.
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Neil Young with Crazy Horse - the second solo album and a first with his legendary backing band.
Astral Weeks Van Morrison with his second solo album Astral Weeks an innovative and influential album of the era (late sixties)
Folsom prison Blues Johnny Cash at Folsom prison could be the first country album that a lot of children of the 60s heard.
Arnold Layne Pink Floyd's debut album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn was originally released in August of 1967 and was re-released in two different versions for its 40th anniversary in September of 2007 by Capitol Records.
For The Sake Of The Song Townes Van Zandt - right from the start in his first album in 68 folk lovers knew Van Zandt was a writer ahead of his years.
Martha My Dear The Beatles White album which played continuously in our tour van in Europe in the bad old days. It was thought the song was about Paul McCartney's sheep dog Martha but he has said it was the name of his "muse" the voice in his head that tells him what words and music to write.
Everyday People Sly And The Family Stone from the album "Stand". The fourth, and it could almost be a "greatest hits" package for the band with songs like this one (before it became a car commercial).
The Good The bad The Ugly Morricone from Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo, an album that really took off on the back of one of the greatest westerns ever made .