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Wayne's Music July 31/Aug 1.

Mozambique from Bob Dylan's 17th studio album. Desire from 1976 is a collaborative album, with a lot of the back-up vocals from a relatively unknown Emmylou Harris, and Jacques Levy co-wrote many of the songs.
Black Dog Led Zeppelin IV (Zoso). One of the most instantly recognized Led Zeppelin tracks from the 4th album, and a fan favourite from Led Zep's concerts.
Tell Me Why in 1970 After The Gold Rush was one of THE albums of the year, although some critics were harsh.
Us And Them this started out as a piano piece Rick Wright came up with for the movie "Zabriskie Point". It didn't make the soundtrack, but Pink Floyd worked with it at the Dark Side Of The Moon Sessions using female back up singers for the first time; Liza Strike, Lesley Duncan and Doris Troy sing harmonies - Dave Gilmour sings lead. Dick Parry played the sax.
Beautiful where were you when Tapestry came out in 71? Running On Empty Jackson Browne -with an unusual album in many ways - it has tracks recorded live on stage (nothing unusual about that), but some of the songs were recorded in hotel rooms, on the tour bus, and backstage. Sweet Virginia The Rolling Stones, from Exile On Main Street, hailed as The Rolling Stones' Masterpiece these days.
Love And Happiness Al Green. A 1972 album went down extremely well hoisting The Reverend Al Green into International stardom.

and many, many more ...