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Wayne's Music 12/13 June 2010. The 50s.

Wayne Mowat with a good old fashioned breakout of 50s fever.

Don't Let Go Roy Hamilton had a commanding presence in the 50s with a voice that could handle any melody.

Rockin Little Angel Ray Smith led a colourful life before rock and roll. He left home at 12, got shot in the leg while running moonshine in Kentucky, sang country songs in the airforce.

Stood Up Ricky Nelson.

Maggie Doesn't Work Here Anymore The Platters in a novelty mood, a break-away from their pop-ballad style.

Someone Johnny Mathis.

House Of Blue Lights Freddie Slack and Ella Mae Morse indulging in some 50s hep talk.

Apron Strings from Cliff Richard's early years - he had already recorded Apron Strings during the sessions for his first album and it finished up as a B-side on Living Doll.

White Lightning Music scholars have written and analyzed the George Jones saga thoroughly, trying to figure out his song choices, his unique voice and phrasing, his turbulent personal life and craziness, and his best selling autobiography "I Lived To tell It All" reminds us that he has recorded nearly 900 songs since his first singles in 1953/54.

Answer Me the 50s was all about the vocalists - and it's the sound of those voices and the songs they became associated with that evoke the memories. Reggie Goff, the British baritone never quite had the star career that his talents merited.

and many, many more ...