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Wayne's Music 5/6 June 2010. Rockabilly.

Wayne Mowat with a tribute to the music with attitude! It's where punk rock began; wild, dangerous, drenched in echo, saturated in hormonal angst, and a lot of it defied even the most liberal record company ethics. It was anchored by the twang of the electric guitar - and they called it ROCKABILLY.

Baby Let's Play House imagine that coming over the radio in 1955 with the Presley introduction as if there's something burning the roof of his mouth.
Bang Bang Janis Martin - 16 years of age when she signed up to RCA, billed as The Female Elvis.
Let's Think About Living Bob Luman- the Texan got his big break on the Louisianna Hayride with his band The Shadows which included ace guitarist James Burton (eventually Ricky Nelson stole him for his band).
Little Girl Rockabilly was all about white kids on sex, rebellion and rock'n'roll. for example John and Jackie (I have no idea who they are or where they're from) singing Little Girl with call and response orgasmic wailing over the guitar break … what were they thinking?
Crazy baby here is Gene Maltais with a number he recorded at Bradley Studios in Nashville with would you believe it The Anita kerr Singers in behind the raw and undisciplined sound (as a lot of it was back then).
Rock Around With Ollie Vee recorded at two of Buddy's three Nashville sessions with Producer Paul Cohen of Decca records who said that Buddy Holly was the biggest no talent he had ever worked with?
Don't Worry About Me Marty Robbins in a 1960 session when a malfunctioning pre-amp in the recording console at Bradley Studios gave guitarist Grady martin's six string bass solo a fuzztone sound before that term existed. Robbins insisted that the recording be issued as is. Matchbox Carl Perkins Sun records career never quite recovered from the crash he and his band mate brothers Jay and Clayton were involved in on the way to perform Blue Suede Shoes on The Perry Como Show .

and many, many more ...