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Wayne's Music May 29/30. Songs about these times we're living in.

Some intimate and powerful sentiments about our 21st Century from writers and singers you may NOT have heard of, but their songs resonate with "this crazy mixed up world we're living in".

'Cept You And Me babe Greg Brown - the man from Iowa who has been going strong for over two decades, working with the very talented producer/writer/guitarist Bo Ramsey. Down To Bastrop is the title track of a very fine album from Bo Ramsey in 1991.
It's Hard To keep A White Shirt Clean Corb Lund singing about "life on the road" and how are you supposed to keep the crisp, white lines in your shirt when you're makin the scene in dirty old dives.
If I Could Only The late Freddy Fender with The Texas Tornados, not long before he died in 2006. Adios Freddy, Hasta Luego.
Who's To Blame Senorita? Texas Tornados is a Tejano band.
I've Seen It Go Away Merle Haggard reflecting on some of the things he's seen in his lifetime, and sadly, society's fall from Grace.
Pretty When It's New Merle Haggard, the poet of the common man, exploring life and love as only he can.
I Guess That Comes From Being Poor Norma Jean - was always country music's voice of "the other woman".

and many, many more ...