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Wayne's Music 13/14 March 2010.

Wayne Mowat with a handful of records NOT TO BE BROADCAST! Ever since popular music has been recorded and played on Radio, the CENSOR has been active in deciding what could and could NOT be played. There is, of course, still some censorship today, but the goalposts have shifted radically.

She Was Only A Postmaster's Daughter The Durium Dance Band, the BBC took a dim view of this little number and banned it from airplay in 1932.
We have To be So careful Teddy, Joy and Babs, The Beverley Sisters (Britains answer to the Andrews Sisters would hardly record songs that would be banned - but when they poked fun at the censorship policy in 1953, this 78 received no airplay at all.
Peaceful Street Ernest Butcher was banned with his 1936 song because it was an unamusing and vulgar account of industrial living conditions.
The Heel Eartha Kitt in 1956.
Baubles, Bangles, Beads The Kirby Stone Four messing about with the classics was a no no!
Burn My Candle Shirley Bassey, with a racey innuendo packed invitation, there's no way it was going to be played in 1956.
One Has My name, The Other Has My Heart - even though this song topped the US Country Charts for 11 weeks in 1948, it was greeted with stony silence by the BBC. It was not the done thing to promote a song which encouraged adultery.

and many, many more ...