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Wayne's Music 30/31 January 2010. essential 70s albums.

Wayne Mowat diving into the musical depths of the decade of peace, love and understanding. It was the age of high-heeled glam rockers and sneering, snorting punks, high-octane guitar solos, and new romantics.

Backwater Brian Eno's last foray into rock music as a solo artist.
Tangled Up In Blue Bob Dylan's famous 15th studio album, regarded as one of his best, re-recorded in two venues, New York and Minneapolis, and it saw Dylan's return to Columbia Records after a two album stint with Asylum. When You Dance You Can Really Love After The Gold Rush featured the Hot Crazy Horse Band with blazing guitar solos from 19 year old Nils Lofgren.
Hotel California 1976 when you first heard Hotel California - the first Eagles album without founder member Bernie leadon, and the first with guitarist Joe Walsh.
Sister Midnight After a self-imposed exile into a West Coast mental institution, Iggy Pop put in a call to David Bowie, and a few days later they boarded a plane to Paris, and then on to Berlin where they finished work on "The Idiot"
Help Me another essential 70s album is Court And Spark by Joni Mitchell.
Kashmir the album that is 16 times platinum. It's a defining work, and is probably one of your treasured albums. Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffitti".
Tumbling Dice Exile On Main Street - from 1972 one of the defining masterpieces of the rock era and possibly The Rolling Stone's finest work.

and many, many more ...