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Wayne's Music 19/20 September 2009.

A slice of Rhythm & Blues History from the 40s and 50s.

Wayne Mowat with a potted history of one of the most identifiable musical art forms of the 20th century. Rhythm And Blues!

Evil Gal Blues Dinah Washington considered as the pre-eminent female rhythm and blues singer.
Misery In My Heart The story goes that Ray Charles was coaxed away from recording copy-cat versions of Nat King Cole and Charles Brown songs by Producer Ahmet Ertegun, and steered towards Rhythm and Blues and Soulo music. It turned out to be a wise move.
I Wonder The war was on when this came out in October 1944 and Cecil Grant was a private in the Army. It was a runaway hit in the black community, and generally considered as the record that kick-started the post-war rhythm and blues boom in Los Angeles.
That's Alright Mama Arthur Crudup - almost 40 when he had his first hit record.
Rock Around The Clock in 1947 Hal Singer launched into a solo career, after being with Jay McShann and Hot Lips Page.
Fat meat'n'Greens a mixture of latin rhumba and jazz shuffle from Edgar Hayes in 1948.
Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night Five Red Caps. Midnight In The Barrelhouse Johnny Otis, His Drums and His orchestra, one of the major blues musicians of his time.

and many,many more ...