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Wayne's Music 29/30 August 2009. Those 1970s.

Wayne Mowat with another timeline of popular music. . For many years the 1970s were written off as an uninventive musical wasteland. But hang on a minute! Didn't some of the best selling albums of all time come out of the 70s?

Rainbow In Your Eyes Leon And Mary Russell, the former session man who appeared on hundreds of singles across the musical spectrum, which included Phil Spector's studio group in the 60s and George Harrison's projects in the 70s.
Accidentally Like A Martyr Warren Zevon from the brilliant Excitable Boy album of 1978.
Comes A Time Neil Young - his 1978 album working with Nicolette Larson on harmony vocals, his band Crazy Horse appear on a couple of the tracks, and J J Cale plays guitar on the set.
The Dream Weaver Gary Wright, from Spooky Tooth, before he left for a solo career in 1970.
Combine Harvester The Wurzels, seldom heard these days, but this was a surprise #1 in the UK in the summer of 76.
Forever Roy Wood … member and co-founder of the bandsThe Move, Electric Light Orchestra and Wizzard.
Lovely Day Bill Withers sublime hit in 77 which re-entered the UK Pop charts in 1988 after exposure from a television commercial.
C'Moon Wings on the Red Rose Speedway album in 72.

and many,many more ...