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Wayne's Music 22/23 August 2009 - those funny old fifties.

Wayne Mowat with more melodies and looney tunes from those funny old fifties.

Livin,' Lovin' Doll Cliff Richard and The Drifters as they were known when this was recorded in 1959.
No other Love Ronnie Hilton, a star on a ballad dominated hit parade of the 50's who got sidelined somewhat by the onslaught of rock'n'roll.
Venus Frankie Avalon with his 1959 plea to Venus, the Godess Of Love.
Peace In The Valley/Down By the Riverside
from the Million Dollar Quartet.
Buona Sera Louis Prima, a dynamic entertainer of Italian-American extraction, who rode the musical trends of his time.
Dream Boat Alma Cogan that wonderful entertainer with the giggle in her voice.
Be My Guest fats Domino Domino.
The Story Of My Life
Michael Holiday, the one they hailed as the British Bing Crosby.
Bloodnok's Rock'n'Roll Call
one of the great things about the 50s was The Goon show.

and many,many more ...