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Wayne's Music 4/5 July 2009. 1930s.

If you get winded just playing chess, your children are beginning to look middle-aged, you've finally got to the top of the ladder, and find it's leaning against the w rong wall, and you're turning out the lights for economic rather than romantic reasons, we have the music for you

You're The Cream In My Coffee Sam Browne stepping out with Jack Hylton ushering in the 1930s.
Beale StreetBlues Joe Venuti And His All Stars How Could We Be Wrong Gertrude Lawrence.
Lady Play Your mandoline Nick Lucas.
I Won't Dance Guy Lombardo Trio.
Blues In The Groove The Rhythm Kings.
I Should Say So Robb Wilton telling one of his stories in 1931.
MontMartre The Rexatious Rex Stewart.

and many, many more ...