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Wayne's Music 13/14 June 2009.

This week on Wayne's Music we explore the British Decca/Deram days of the Blues/Rhythm/and girls boom of the 1960s.

Decca was one label that believed White Men could play the blues.
Key To The Highway the blues pianist Eddie Boyd, Muddy water's Cousin who moved to Europe in the 60s.
Ohh Chang A Lang The Orchids from Coventry were 15 year old school girls when they were discovered by Larry Page at The Orchid Ballroom (hence the name).
You're On My Mind this is West London Blues band called The Birds (B I R D S) who made even the Pretty Things seem tame.
Pretty Girls Everywhere Otis Spann, the pianist in the Muddy waters Band with a cameo from Eric Clapton who was with the Yardbirds at the time this was recorded. Only You Can Do It The Vernons Girls were the back up stalwarts of the british pioneering TV Shows such as "Oh Boy", and "6.5 Special".
Anytime At All The Fairies, Colchesters contribution to the blues boom.
Third degree Champion Jack Dupree quit the New Orleans blues scene in the 50s and settled in Switzerland.
Two Lovers Louise Cordet, in 1964 who had quite a lot going for her - her mother was a TV and Cabaret celebrity, so between terms at her Swiss Convent School she would hang out with the big pop and screen names of the day.

and many, many more ...