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Wayne's Music April 25/26 2009. 1970s.

Wayne Mowat on Anzac Day with tunes from the years of that other war … Vietnam! Even though the wounds have yet to heal, a quarter of a century later, there are 76 million boomers who will remember the Vietnam War disaster till the day they die.

Band Of Gold Freda Payne

Escape (The Pina Colada Song) How many of us had even heard of a Pina Colada until this song came along in 1979 from Rupert Holmes.

Tired Of being Alone Al Green.

Everybody Plays The Fool The Main Ingredient - the group from Harlem formerly known as The Poets, best remembered for this hit in 1972.

I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Barry White. His portly physical stature earned him the condescending title " The Walrus of Love," a moniker considered disrespectful by many fans.
Piano Man
Billy Joel in 1974, is a fictionalized retelling of real people Joel met during his days as a piano-lounge singer in Los Angel
Moondance Van Morrison.
No No Song Ringo Starr's crazy song from his 1974 album Goodnight Vienna.

and many,many more ...