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Wayne's Music 18/19 April 2009. Songs About Time.

This week on Wayne's Music, sounds from the big list of songs about time.

When I'm Sixty Four The Beatles …Although the theme is about aging, it was one of the first songs McCartney wrote, when he was sixteen.
Nighttime In The Switching Yard
Warren Zevon, from Excitable Boy in 1978.
Early In The Morning Vanity Fare the British Pop band formed in 1966 and still performing today.
It Was A Very Good Year Frank Sinatra a Grammy Award winner in 1966.
Old Man And Me
Hootie And The Blowfish
Pink Floyd from The Dark Side of The Moon in 1973, with the back up vocal team of Doris Troy, Leslie Duncan, Liza Strike and Barry St John.
The Living Years
Mike And The Mechanics a song about a son who has a conflicted relationship with his Father.
Time After Time
Cindy Lauper came up with the title when she saw it in the magazine TV Guide.

And many many more...