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Wayne's Music 4/5 April 2009. 1920s.

Wayne Mowat , getting back to the sounds of the devil-may-care high-living 1920s. It was a frantic time, socially and musically!

Varsity Drag George Olsen's band in 1927 with Jack Gifford in the Gershwinesque two-piano introduction, and the superb trumpet player and vocalist Fran Frey whom Olsen hired from an Indianapolis Theatre.
Billy Russell
Real Music Hall was such an enjoyable part of the entertainment in the 20s,30s and war years of the 40s. Many men and women became stars of the music hall by speaking on behalf of the working classes. Here's a wonderful example from the early WW2 years from the famous Argyle Theatre in Birkenhead. Billy Russell is on stage.
Sam, The Old Accordian Man
The Williams Sisters, Hannah and Dorothy were appearing at The Webster Hotel in Chicago when this was recorded in 1927.
Sister Honky Tonk
Bennie Moten in his 40 years contributed some beautiful music to 20th Century American Culture.
At Sundown
between 1926 and 1932 Times Square in New York meant bright lights and Jesse Crawford at the Paramount's "mighty Wurlitzer".
When You're Smiling
a more up to date version (probably recorded in the 60s ) of an old 1920s standard, by The Dutch Swing College Band.
Nat Shilkret probably recorded more than a thousand songs of all types, but he was best known for the performances of his own Victor Orchestra in Theatre and Salon Music.
Showboat Shuffle
I still think the world doesn't fully appreciate Joe "King" Oliver's greatness and importance in the jazz world. As one of the first great musicians of the New Orleans style, nobody could be compared to him, until Louis Armstrong came along.

and many,many more ...