Underground economy

Anna Fifield visits the secret network of underground tunnels in Gaza, bringing everything from nappies to cars in.

In-car GPS

We test out the latest car navigation gadgets with Hamish Wilson from Consumer.org.nz.

Hacky Sack

Tim Walsh on the Hacky Sack phenomenon. At least 25 million of these filled crocheted bags have been sold since the 1970s.

Typewriter repair

NPR's Susan Stamberg visits a typewriter repair shop in the unlikely location of California's Silicon Valley.

Pancakes and pikelets

We flip pancakes with food writer Ken Albala, and Helen Leach of Otago University chats about the origins of the pikelet.

Bees 15: A Taste of Honey

Pro Maureen Maxwell pro shows me how to tell my mono-florals from my blends. She tastes honey for a living.

Radio gaga

Inventions buff David Ellyard on the radio, the electro-magnetic wave that changed the world forever.