Slimming Stripes?

Look 6 percent smaller without diets or exercise. Just wear a few stripes. But do you go vertical or horizontal?

Bits and Bytes

Bill Thompson on Google's new cellphone, Sony's music service for mobiles and a town in Russia has fun with Google Maps.

Big Meals

We're off to the world's biggest restaurant in Syria with space for 6000 people in one sitting.


Eve Edelson's studied the very organised business of email scams. It's not just a few random guys in a Nigerian internet cafe!

Fertiliser Fees

Fertiliser prices have gone up more than oil or any other commodity in the past 18 months. But why?

Desexing Dogs

We head to the vets to see what's involved in getting your dog neutered.

Beer Genetics

Scientists have been DNA-testing lager to find out what yeasts are involved and where they come from.