2 Dec 2016

The Week In Review for week ending Fri Dec 2 2016

From The Week In Review, 6:00 pm on 2 December 2016

A review of the week's news including... The tragic fatal capsizing of the Francie as it attempted to cross the Kaipara Harbour bar, tourism tremours from the Kaikoura earthquakes hit Picton hard while the occupants of a Wellington apartment block hit by the quake have been allowed back home, the Social Development Minister says people abused as children while in state care should not be put through the ordeal of giving evidence to an independent inquiry - a judge disagrees, the passing of a Kiwi music icon, Pike River families and supporters picket the mine following a meeting the CEO of Solid Energy, Waitamata police say they don't prosecute low level P dealers anymore, we hear the view of the founder of an addiction recovery programme, the brother of the New Zealand journalist killed when Indonesia invaded East Timor in 1975 is asking the government what it's done to bring his killers to justice and one of New Zealand's most unlikely industrial milestones was reached 50 years ago this week.