31 Jul 2018

The Panel with Michelle Boag and Mike Williams (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 31 July 2018

The population's growing but fewer people are being attracted into teaching. The president of the Educational Institute saying there'll be 40,000 more primary school children - practically all of them in the Auckland area. Lynda Stuart says it'll hit crisis point by 2030. What the Panelists Michelle Boag and Mike Williams want to talk about. Listeners are very sympathetic to Julian Paton who's antique paino is having the ivory stripped from its keys by DoC. Julian talks to us again today about the listener feedback and a couple of offers he's had as well. Just how much support do young promising sports-people need and get? Professional basketball player Steven Adams in his new book says Basketball NZ didn't help him when he was trying to make it so he doesn't yearn to play for NZ.Fomer professional player Brendon Pongia agrees a lot of players are left to fend for themselves financially. Lucy Lawless on Twitter. "Truthfully, to those of you who ask, if I saw a NZer burning our flag, I would shrug my shoulders and think, Jeez, that person's really pissed at the govt. It would not offend my sense of identity one bit. I don't think I'm alone. May I ask how you all might feel?" And lots of people told Lucy, pretty politely from the look of the thread, what they thought.