6 Jul 2018

The Panel with David Cormack and Heather Roy (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 6 July 2018

How do you eat, apart from with cutlery. Do you eat well? What the Panelists David Cormack and Heather Roy want to talk about. Donald Trump has been declared a 'wasteman' and has been banned from the city of Sheffield by its Muslim lord mayor... but London's Mayor has given permission for an unflattering Donald Trump blimp to be flown from the ground of Parliament. Meanwhile there's a petition to ban Stefan Molyneux & Lauren Southern from coming to NZ to give talks in August. The World Cup this weekend, two fascinating match-ups, the Belgians against the Brazilians and Uruguay versus France. Then England Sweden, Russian Croatia. Emile Donovan joins us from RNZ's Squeaky Bum time World Cup podcast. Reactions to the homeless - Bernie Harfleet joins the panel. The stoush between Helen Clark and Ray Avery. Sir Ray wants to hold a big Live Aid-type convert next year at Eden Park to raise money for his premature baby pods