11 Dec 2019

Reframing Anger - 8 December

From TED Radio Hour, 2:42 pm on 11 December 2019

Reframing Anger

Anger is universal and complex: it can be quiet, festering, justified, vengeful, and destructive. In this week's TED Radio hour,   TED speakers explore the many sides of anger, why we need it, and who's allowed to feel it.

Ryan Martin: Why Do We Need Anger?
Soraya Chemaly: Who's Allowed To Get Angry?
Lisa Fritsch: Am I Angry, Bitter, Or Just Passionate?
Dan Moshavi: Can Expressing Your Anger Make You A Better Leader?
Russell Kolts: How Can We Use Compassion To Manage Our Anger?

From NPR’s TED Radio Hour

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